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Studies Show Odor Receptors Could Detect Health Issues
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12 Jul 2018 12:24 PM EST

UPI reports that researchers have discovered that our smell receptors may help detect health issues, Studies find that proteins which bind to odors perform other functions outside the nose. This mean receptors could help diagnose and treat diseases, including cancer. After examining over 200 studies, German researchers published their findings. They found the receptors may play other roles in the body, outside the nasal cavity. This includes receptors in the testis, lung, intestine, skin, heart and blood. These help regulate heart functions, kill leukemia cells, and reduce the spread of cancer cells. They may also be able to increase regeneration of skin cells to speed wound healing. " [these receptors] occur in nearly the entire human body, and they appear to be substantially more functionally important than previously suggested." July's issue of Physiological Reviews.

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