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Grocery Store Items That Are Usually On Sale
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11 Jul 2018 04:58 PM EST

Looking to save some cash on groceries? Business Insider compiled a list of 20 grocery store products that are frequently on sale or can usually be bought using coupons. (Also known as grocery store items that you should never pay full price for, especially if you shop seasonally, catch sales or use coupons). Their list includes: Ketchup, mustard, toothpaste, pasta sauce, bottled drinks, candy, and canned soup. Business Insider says that soups rock because they're not only an easy meal but can canned soup can last for years. They explain, "Canned soups go on sale with some regularity, but you're going to see bigger discounts at the beginning of fall and winter. Check for coupons for these items too, and you can get them dirt cheap! Cereal, coffee, cookies, frozen dinners, gravy, and laundry detergent also make the list. BI says that a good couponer never pays full price to do their laundry. They add, "Never pay full price for laundry detergent. Not only do all brands and varieties of this household must-have go on sale all the time, but there are also almost always sales on detergent of some kind."

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