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Facebook Hits Back At Fake News In India
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10 Jul 2018 12:39 PM EST

Gizmodo reports that Facebook has been under fire in India following a string of lynchings that appeared to have been prompted by false news spread on WhatsApp. Violence in India related to the app has become such an epidemic that the Indian government has demanded something be done. For now, Facebook’s solution involves running ads in local newspapers explaining how to spot fake news. According to Reuters, the full-page ads began running in “key Indian newspapers” on Tuesday. This as part of an educational program that will expand to other local outlets around the country over the coming week. For almost two months, India has seen mob violence breakout in rural villages. This after incendiary messages were spread on WhatsApp accusing innocent people of crimes like human trafficking. Authorities have attempted to stem the problem through various tactics including sending out street performers known as “rumor busters.” One of them was killed by a mob in Tripura while trying to raise awareness about fake news.

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