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McCabe Sues DOJ and FBI for Not Turning Over Documents Related to His Firing
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13 Jun 2018 05:33 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Andrew McCabe (Image source: Public domain)


It's easy to get lost in all the legal maneuverings between many of the players past and present in the current administration and their attorneys. It's even easy to get lost in everything surrounding just Andrew McCabe. And now he's just made it a little more difficult as he's suing the Justice Department and the FBI for not providing the documents related to him being fired.


McCabe is the former deputy director of the FBI who authorized the release of information about the Clinton investigation in 2016. It's continued to haunt him as former FBI director James Comey has said he was not aware that his deputy was going to do that.  

This has caused an infinite amount of trouble for McCabe, with seemingly everything going back to that event. He's been accused of lying to investigators and Comey about it. This is reportedly why Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired him earlier this year, just hours before he would have attained his pension.


Before that, one year earlier, Comey was fired, and McCabe became the acting director. Recently he disclosed memos of a conversation he had with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over what Trump wanted to include in a memo regarding Comey being fired. While they have said publicly it was regarding his handling of the Clinton investigation, Trump has alluded to it being because of the Russia investigation. 

Later Trump himself struck out at McCabe in tweets, believing there was a connection between McCabe's wife getting Democratic donations when she was running for state senate in Virginia. He felt it had something to do with Clinton's emails and why McCabe discussed the resulting investigation with the press. A few months later he was fired.


McCabe is being considered for charges of misleading investigators with the Clinton investigation, but first he'll have to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and his lawyer is saying if he testifies, he'll take the Fifth Amendment.  

And now the former FBI director has filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and FBI. He reports that they have never turned over documents relating to his firing, despite being asked.


David Snyder, McCabe's attorney, is requesting copies of manuals and policies used by the Justice Department Office of Inspector General and the FBI to conduct investigations and discipline employees. 

He claims the DOJ failed to identify which policies and procedures they followed when they decided to give him the boot. His attorneys believe the documents are being held because they could be used against the DOJ in other lawsuits.


"Defendants have publicly claimed, again and again, that they complied with all applicable laws, policies, and procedures when they investigated, adjudicated, and dismissed Mr. McCabe from the FBI," alleges the suit. 

"Plaintiff has repeatedly requested that Defendants disclose those policies and procedures. Those requests have been denied by some of the same high-ranking officials who were involved in, or were responsible for, the investigation, adjudication, and/or dismissal of Mr. McCabe."


The timing here can't be ignored. This is just days away from when the inspector general report is expected to detail the way he handled the Clinton investigation.

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