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Report Exposes Sexual Harassment In Scientific Community
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13 Jun 2018 05:11 AM EST

According to an article by Gizmodo, a new report is detailing sexual misconduct in the scientific world.
The National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering (NASME) issued it this week.
The report exposes the prevalence of sexual harassment, bullying, and abuse of women.
Though poignant in today's era of the #Metoo movement, the work actually began in late 2016.
Besides obvious abuses, the report highlighted subtler forms of gender harassment.
Including stigmatization of working mothers, bullying by male scientists, or lewd behavior in the lab.
“In environments that are perceived as more tolerant or permissive of sexual harassment, women are more likely to have been directly harassed and to witness harassment of others.” NASME report
The report offers a series of proactive recommendations to stem the spread of such conduct.

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