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Bizarre Head Injuries Have Now Hit US Diplomats In China And Cuba
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13 Jun 2018 02:31 AM EST

Experts are skeptical about the US government’s claims of a possible weapon triggering illnesses among diplomats in China and Cuba.
Some experts are saying the cause of their vague and common symptoms is more likely mundane.
Last week, the US State Department sent a "health alert" for people traveling to China after pulling employees from a consulate in Guangzhou.
The alert warned about "unusual, unexplained physical symptoms or events, auditory or sensory phenomena,.”
This including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, hearing or vision problems, or a ringing in the ears.
Similar ailments afflicted 21 diplomats in Cuba in the past two years, according to a March medical report.
Three-quarters of the diplomats said they heard strange buzzing noises in the vicinity before their symptoms appeared.
The illnesses led to Sen. Marco Rubio and other lawmakers asking whether Cuba or Russia were behind some sort of covert attacks.
But experts are hesitant to pin the cause of the mystery illnesses on a nefarious plot.
Hanging over the Cuba and China cases is the stigma surrounding any illness that might partly have a psychological explanation.
Like Cuba, China has been a high-pressure diplomatic zone under the Trump administration. In China there are US diplomats facing stress over a possible trade war or conflict over military bases in the South China Sea.
Cuba and some experts attributed the outbreak to mass hysteria last year.

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