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Disgraced CEO Elizabeth Holmes Trying To Start New Venture
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11 Jun 2018 06:06 AM EST

Elizabeth Holmes lost everything—and nearly $900 million of other people’s money—when her bunk blood-testing startup Theranos went into meltdown. According to Gizmodo, It resulted in the layoff of nearly all staff and civil charges of “massive” fraud for Holmes and former company president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. But she’s reportedly not done yet, according to an interview in Vanity Fair with John Carreyrou, . Carreyrou said that Holmes has “sociopathic tendencies” including “pathological lying”—unsurprising, given Theranos’ signature blood-testing technology was a sham. According to Carreyrou, Holmes is currently going around Silicon Valley, meeting with investors, hoping to raise money for an entirely new start-up idea.


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