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SEC Combats Cryptocurrency Fraud With Fake Website
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17 May 2018 04:49 AM EST

The excitement around cryptocurrency has attracted a great number of people.
Many of them scammers and fraudsters, hoping to cash in.
Now, to stop folks from falling for sketchy initial coin offerings, the SEC has created its own.
Their new fake ICO is called HoweyCoins, a vague intersection of blockchain tech and travel
The company's executive board is wholly invented and its tech is non-existent.
The site contains references to pump-and-dump tactics, celebrity promos, and faux endorsements,
The parody of ICO tactics is all hype, and style over substance: and for good reason.
And if you try to buy in, you'll get redirected to an informational SEC page.
The message is clear: be weary of false promises of get rich quick scams!

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