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Rudy Giuliani Backs Up Mueller's Story that Trump Didn't Tell Cohen to Lie But Also Muddies the Waters      - | -     DNC Says They Were Targeted Again by Russian Hackers After Midterms      - | -     Democrats Reject Trump's Deal to Delay DACA Elimination for 3 Years If He Gets His Wall      - | -     Democrats Reject Trump's Newest Shutdown Offer     - | -     GOP Congressman Invokes 'The Deep State'
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22 Jan 2019 11:38 AM EST

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday took up its biggest gun rights case in a nearly decade. The court will hear a challenge backed by the influential National Rifle Association lobby group to New York City’s strict limits on handgun owners transporting their firearms outside of the home. The nine justices will review a 2018 lower court ruling upholding the city’s restrictions after three gun owners and the NRA’s New York state affiliate sued claiming the regulations violated the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.” The case will be heard and decided in the court’s next term, which starts in October and ends in June 2020. The decision indicates a new interest on the court, where conservatives hold a 5-4 margin, on guns and is the first major gun case to come before the justices since 2010.

22 January, 2019
Christie Shares Thoughts On Trump Administration

Former New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie knocked a series of departed, high-profile members of the Trump administration in his upcoming book, according to excerpts published on Monday by Axios. "Far too often, he's found himself saddled with the riffraff," Christie said in the book. According... Read more

22 January, 2019
The Government Shutdown Is Now The Longest On Record

The government shutdown is now in day 31, setting the record for the longest shutdown in the modern era. There appears to be no end in sight as President Donald Trump and Democrats dig in on their border wall stances. As the shutdown drags on, more federal workers and agencies become affected.... Read more

22 January, 2019
Trump's Government Shutdown Is Becoming Catastrophic For The Economy

The US government shutdown is now the longest in the country's history and has shown no signs of abating. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has suggested that US economic growth could go to zero, and one analyst said it could even go negative. The US-China trade war and a looming conflict about the debt... Read more

22 January, 2019
Democratic U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris Joins The 2020 White House Race

According to Reuters, First-term Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California, a rising party star and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, launched her 2020 campaign for the White House on Monday by touting her background as a prosecutor. Harris, 54, the daughter... Read more

22 January, 2019
Theresa May Reveals Her Brexit Plan B

According to Business Insider, Theresa May has revealed her alternative Brexit plan after MPs last week voted overwhelmingly to reject her deal with the EU. The prime minister said she had listened to the concerns of MPs and would now seek to again gain concessions from the EU on the controversial... Read more

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U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Major New York Gun Rights Case
22 January, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday took up its biggest gun rights case in a nearly decade. The court will hear a challenge backed by the influential National Rifle Association lobby group to New York... More

China Made An App That Shows Which People Nearby Are In Debt
22 January, 2019

A Chinese province has developed an app to tell people if they are in the vicinity of someone in debt. Business Insider reports the app, named the "map of deadbeat debtors," is available for use in Hebei,... More

Former US Marine Charged With Espionage In Russia
22 January, 2019

Paul Whelan, a former U.S. marine charged by Russia with espionage, was detained moments after being handed a USB drive/ He believed the drive contained cultural information but which turned out to contain... More