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22 Sep 2017 02:42 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: R. Kelly (Image Source: Nicholas Ballasy via Wikimedia Commons)

We've heard over the past few months about an alleged cult R. Kelly had, one where he kept young women across the country, didn't allow them to leave, and forced them to have sex with him.

One of them is speaking out.

Jerhonda Pace appeared on The Real this week and discussed her experience with the R&B singer.

She had already admitted to meeting Kelly for the first time in 2008 when she was 15. It was outside of a court building where he was facing charges of child porn, though later acquitted. She saw him there daily, and a year later he became her first lover.

Pace explained on Monday's talk show how she met a woman "trainer" after her first time with Kelly.

"The trainer — it's a woman — and she trains you to please him sexually," she contends. "She trained me for everything I was doing. She told me how to please him, and she also taught me what I like."

She then gave very distinct details of the process that was initiated on his tour bus.

"So I went out there to his tour bus, and you have him naked, and you have her naked, and I'm looking like, 'Okay, what's is this?' Because [Kelly] is the one who took my virginity. I was like, 'Ummm, yeah, so what's going on?' And. he's like, 'Don't worry about it.' I guess he saw that I was looking uneasy," she explained.

"That's when he told me to look at her, and he said, 'She's going to teach you everything you need to know. So she's going to please you.' And he told me to remove my clothes, and that's when me and her engaged in sexual activity. She was doing everything. I didn't know. I was 16," Pace continued.

She also discussed the cult atmosphere with his other women.

"It's very frightening," she revealed. "He would slap you in your face. He would physically harm you, and he would put you in a room, and he would lock you in the room for days. For days."

Luckily, Pace was able to escape Kelly's clutches.

"He was preparing for a party at the time. I told him my uncle lived a few doors down, and I wanted to go to my uncle's house to grab some shoes," she recalled.

"And he was like, 'Okay, well when you get there, you get the shoes, and you come right back.' And at that moment, when I knew I got out of the house, I was like, 'I'm not going back. I refuse.' I wasn't going back."

Pace had nothing to her name, leaving everything behind at Kelly's house. She left with just her cell phone and says, "I just never looked back."

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