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The two overarching plotlines of the episode outdo themselves in bringing on the awkwardness. Jasmine's mother has decided that baby Aida (remember her??) needs to be baptized ASAP, or else her soul will whither and die. Because Crosby is a terrible person and told his sweet mother than she was selfish for trying to sell the house – and everyone besides Julia, in her long hair don’t care phase has the same reaction, they’re all terrible – Jasmine feels guilty about having the reception at the house and tries to move it elsewhere. Now Camille feels guilty for making people think they can’t come to the family home (don’t feel selfish girl, you do you), so she wants to host a family dinner the night before the baptism. This would be great, but getting the whole family together means that their dramas all coincide. Drew and Amber are stoned because they’ve decided to commiserate about being sad about Ryan going back to Afghanistan and being angry that Natalie doesn’t want to sleep together. Camille is upset that everyone thinks she’s the worst for selling the house. Julia believes that everyone thinks she’s a failure for not getting Joel to stick around. And Kristina and Adam are upset with Sarah because she disciplined Max for getting in the way of her Surfsport shoot. The Kristina-Adam-Sarah-Max plotline is the most frustrating of the episode. Max, being Max, burst into Hank’s studio and shoved Sarah out of her own work station, insisting that he use the printer for his school yearbook photos. Sarah, being an adult who has professional work to get done, told him that was unacceptable and refused to let him take over – so he threw a tantrum. Kristina and Adam believe that their child’s special needs mean that incidents like this should be acceptable, and are furious that she would kick him out of the photo lab.