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Knox's attorney also maintains that there is "no evidence" against Knox in the case and that that it is "incomprehensible" that the court found her guilty. In truth, the whole situation is, indeed, incomprehensibleóand appalling. This is no longer a matter of guilty versus innocent, but a matter of right versus wrong. While Kercher's family has every right to voice their opinion that Knox should be convicted, their opinion is not enough to make this decision right. Knox should remain a free woman, as it is completely inhumane to put someone through hell and back twice for the same thing. She served time and was eventually declared innocent. This second conviction for the exact same crime with the exact same evidence (or lack thereof) should be null-in-void, and the U.S. government should take a stand against this wrongful move by Italy. Amanda Knox deserves her freedom, and Italy deserves to be told a very stern and final, "No," if they ever want her back.

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