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1 December, 2017
FEMA Chief: We Were Never Meant To Be First Responders

The wave of recent U.S. disasters is forcing FEMA to redefine the agency’s role. According to Reuters, FEMA Administrator Brock Long told Congress Thursday that localities must be more prepared to shoulder crises. He said the scale of assisting victims and rebuilding damaged areas has tested... Read more

30 November, 2017
HIV Cases Hit Record Low In New York City

According to the New York City Health Department, the number of new cases of HIV in New York City dropped to “a statistically significant low” last year, with 8.6 percent fewer new diagnoses than in 2015. The department’s deputy commissioner for disease department told the New York... Read more

27 November, 2017
Vegas Massacre Survivor Killed On Nevada Highway

(Reuters) - A Las Vegas man who survived the Oct. 1 mass shooting at an outdoor concert in his hometown was killed this month by a hit-and-run driver while hitchhiking on a Nevada highway, a local television station reported. Roy McClellan, 52, was killed on Nov. 17 while walking on a highway... Read more

27 November, 2017
Gary Clark Jr. Talks Crafting "Come Together"

For a film about heroes coming together to form a world-saving team, "Come Together" was the perfect song choice for the DC Extended Universe's Justice League and the man behind the remake of the Beatles' 1969 hit says the song's message goes beyond the movie. Read more

27 November, 2017
Virginia Pastor Charged With Murder On Thanksgiving Day

According to police on Saturday, a Virginia youth pastor remained in custody after being charged in the shooting deaths of his wife, stepdaughter, and the stepdaughter's boyfriend on Thanksgiving night. Fifty-eight year-old Christopher Gattis was charged with three counts of first-degree murder... Read more

23 November, 2017
What's The Simple Key To Long-Lasting Relationships?

According to author Mark Manson the key to a long-lasting relationship is boredom. Manson told Business Insider, "if you think about it, a really happy 80-year-old couple that's been together for 60 years, the reason that they've been together for 60 years, it isn't because they took all these... Read more

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Atlanta Airport Gets Power Back On, But Many Flights Still Cancelled
Atlanta Airport Gets Power Back On, But Many Flights Still Cancelled
18 December, 2017

ATLANTA - The lights were back on, but it was not business as usual at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta after Sunday’s nearly 11-hour power loss caused more than a thousand... More

John McCain Will Miss GOP Tax Vote
John McCain Will Miss GOP Tax Vote
18 December, 2017

Sen. John McCain flew home to Arizona on Sunday and will miss a vote on the Repbulican tax bill that is expected early this week. In a statement, the 81-year-old lawmaker said he would undergo... More

Scotland: Five-Star Hotel On Fire
Scotland: Five-Star Hotel On Fire
18 December, 2017

A massive fire ripped through a five-star hotel in Scotland on Monday morning, leaving at least four injured. The Cameron House Hotel called firefighters at 6.41 a.m. local time to say that the building,... More