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Journalist Who Was Sent to Detention Center Reports on True Conditions      - | -     Documents Show Trump Repeatedly Spoke with Cohen When Stormy Daniels Payment Was Being Arranged     - | -     Trump Administration Considers Not Allowing Any Refugees to Enter Country Next Year      - | -     Senate Will Vote on 9/11 Bill Next Tuesday and Will Consider Two Amendments by Sens. Paul and Lee      - | -     Racism in 2019 Still Prevalent as Philadelphia Cops Caught Making Comments on Facebook     - | -     GOP Congressman Invokes 'The Deep State'
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22 May, 2019
NY Lawmakers Pass Bill to Allow Those Pardoned by the President to Be Prosecuted

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Donald Trump (Image source: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)     Perhaps the rest of the country needs to start thanking New York. They seem to be doing more to hold Donald Trump accountable than the U.S. Congress.... Read more

19 May, 2019
Fed Looks For Policy Advice As Officials Visit Struggling New Jersey City

According to a report by Reuters, on Friday, two top Federal Reserve officials went to Camden, New Jersey, taking a different reading of the US economic outlook by visiting one of the country's lowest income cities, as the central bank looks for advice on how to do a better job. Patrick Harker,... Read more

18 May, 2019
San Francisco's Homeless Population Increased 17% In Two Years

In January, a preliminary one-night tally of San Francisco's homeless population was taken. The tally counted 8,011 homeless people, which is up 17% from two years ago. According to Business Insider, a key reason for the increase is a 45% rise in people in the city living out of their vehicles,... Read more

17 May, 2019
New York Sex Cult Trial Continues With Daughter Of A Former Leader

The daughter of a former leader of an alleged New York sex cult is set to testify on Friday at the trial of its founder, Keith Raniere. Raniere is accused of forcing women into sex, urging them to starve themselves and having some branded with his initials. Witnesses in U.S. District Court... Read more

16 May, 2019
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Running For 2020 Dem Nod

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, an unapologetically progressive Democrat who has been a frequent critic of the Trump administration’s policies, has decided to go after the president’s job. FILE PHOTO: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news... Read more

16 May, 2019
Farmer Amputates His Leg To Live recently wrote, "A farmer in Nebraska was just trying to transfer some corn from one place to another when he accidentally stepped into a hole, the hole happened to be a grain auger. Kurtis Kaser, 63, knew he had to act quick as his leg was getting pulled into the machine." Kaser told... Read more

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Trump Confident US Shot Down Iranian Drone
Trump Confident US Shot Down Iranian Drone
20 July, 2019

Donald Trump has come out to say he is confident about U.S. forces shooting down a drone. Trump said United States forces shot down an Iranian drone off Iran’s southern coast on Thursday.... More

Beto's Campaign Is On Life Support
Beto's Campaign Is On Life Support
20 July, 2019

The Democratic 2020 presidential field is set to be one of the largest, most competitive in modern history. There are with 23 major candidates competing for the nomination. Former Texas Congressman... More

Republicans Believe In Bigfoot, Democrats Believe In Aliens?
Republicans Believe In Bigfoot, Democrats Believe In Aliens?
20 July, 2019

Nearly 1 in 5 registered republican survey-takers have voted to say they believe Bigfoot exists. That is more than 5% higher than Democratic counterparts, reports Business Insider. The same numbers... More