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28 December, 2017
Apple CEO Tim Cook Required To Fly Private

Apple's board of directors is now requiring CEO Tim Cook to fly on private aircraft when he travels. Apple says the policy was implemented in 2017 in the interests of security and efficiency. A statement says that any time Cook uses an Apple private jet for personal travel, the costs are considered... Read more

28 December, 2017
Disney Making Major Changes to Its Hotels In Wake of Las Vegas Shooting

On Wednesday, Walt Disney World News Today reports that some resorts are beginning to replace "Do Not Disturb" signs on guest rooms with signs that say "Room Occupied." The change means that resort employees can enter your room while you're in it, but will attempt to alert you before doing... Read more

27 December, 2017
New York Removes Old Nuclear Fallout Shelter Signs

Experts on nuclear confrontation say that a nuclear war is a very real possibility here in the 21st century. The US and North Korea are just one misstep away from nuclear destruction. But that hasn’t stopped New York City officials from beginning to take down outdated nuclear fallout... Read more

18 December, 2017
Power Outage Cripples Atlanta Airport

A power outage at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's busiest airport, is leaving thousands of passengers stranded and planes grounded.  Read more

13 December, 2017
NYC Subway Bomber Makes Court Appearance From Hospital

The man accused of detonating a pipe bomb in New York City made his first court appearance.Akayed Ullah appeared before a judge on closed-circuit television from a hospital bed.The 27-year-old suspect was taken to the hospital after being put in custody.The Brooklyn resident was charged with... Read more

12 December, 2017
New York Charges Times Square Bomb Suspect

On Tuesday, New York officials said that they have charged a Bangladeshi man with terrorism, accusing him of setting off a pipe bomb a day earlier in a crowded Manhattan commuter hub. Akayed Ullah was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, supporting an act of terrorism, and making a terroristic... Read more

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U.S. House Panel To Hold Hearing On Emergency Alerts After Hawaii Error
U.S. House Panel To Hold Hearing On Emergency Alerts After Hawaii Error
17 January, 2018

On Tuesday, a U.S. House of Representatives panel said it planned a hearing to review a false missile alert sent in Hawaii over the weekend that stirred panic and anger in the Pacific island state.... More

US Holding Back $65 Million in Aid For Palestinians
US Holding Back $65 Million in Aid For Palestinians
17 January, 2018

The US has announced that it will hold back more than half of the funding it provides for a UN agency that supports Palestinians, about two weeks after President Donald Trump threatened to pull... More

Doctor Says Trump Is Fine But Needs To Lose Weight
Doctor Says Trump Is Fine But Needs To Lose Weight
17 January, 2018

President Donald Trump is apparently in excellent cognitive and physical shape.After receiving a physical exam from White House physician Admiral Ronny Jackson, the president was given a clean... More