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18 Jul 2018 05:17 PM EST

Two shark attacks were reported off Fire Island National Seashore east of New York City on Wednesday. Officials are analyzing a tooth removed from one teenage victim’s leg to determine what bit him. In one of the attacks, a 13-year-old boy was boogie boarding at Atlantique Beach when he was struck. Ruters reports the boy had a series of puncture wounds on his leg. The other attack occurred in the neighboring town of Brookhaven.

18 July, 2018
Former NY State Senate Leader & Son Convicted On Corruption Charges

According to a report by Reuters, former New York State Senate majority leader Dean Skelos was found guilty of federal corruption charges by a jury on Tuesday, nearly a year after his 2015 conviction was thrown out by an appeals court. The Manhattan federal court jury also convicted Skelos'... Read more

17 July, 2018
Extreme Heat In NYC Creates Stormy, Apocalyptic Cloudscape

Gary Hershorn / @GaryHershorn Dark stormclouds descended on New York City Tuesday afternoon. Summer thunderstorms are fueled by hot, humid conditions that push more warm air up into the atmosphere, where it brews moisture and builds an unstable environment, creating the perfect recipe for a big storm.... Read more

16 July, 2018
CVS Apologizes After Manager Calls Police on Black Customers Using a Coupon

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: CVS Pharmacy logo (Image source: Public domain)   The country has gone through a string of incidents of white people using the weakest of reasons to call the police on black people. CVS is now at the center of another of those controversies. They... Read more

10 July, 2018
Disney Moving Its Main Operations In New York City

According to, Disney plans to move its New York City operations to a new building from Manhattan's Upper West Side to Hudson Square. Disney received the rights to develop the site from Trinity Church Wall Street in a transaction valued at $650 million. Disney has since... Read more

5 July, 2018
Excessive Heat Warnings In US Cities For 4th Of July

Tens of millions of people in the Midwest and on the East coast of the United States are facing scorchingly hot temperatures and humidity on the Fourth of July. Reuters reports that excessive heat warnings are in effect through Wednesday night. Major U.S. cities such as New York City and Chicago... Read more

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Blue Origin Launches New Shepard Rocket For Ninth Time
Blue Origin Launches New Shepard Rocket For Ninth Time
19 July, 2018

According to Business Insider, Blue Origin conducted another unmanned test launch of their New Shepard rocket.The latest launch marks the ninth test flight of the rocket from Jeff Bezos' space... More

Trump And Putin Discussed Russia To Criminally Investigate A U.S. Citizen
Trump And Putin Discussed Russia To Criminally Investigate A U.S. Citizen
19 July, 2018

The White House has confirmed that President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin discussed striking a deal that would allow Russia to criminally investigate a former US ambassador. The Kremlin... More

Michelle Obama To Kick Off Voting Initiative
Michelle Obama To Kick Off Voting Initiative
19 July, 2018

Michelle Obama is jumping into the 2018 campaigns with a new voter registration initiative.Politico reports that the new initiative will be nonpartisan, frustrating some Democrats who’d like... More