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Rudy Giuliani Backs Up Mueller's Story that Trump Didn't Tell Cohen to Lie But Also Muddies the Waters      - | -     DNC Says They Were Targeted Again by Russian Hackers After Midterms      - | -     Democrats Reject Trump's Deal to Delay DACA Elimination for 3 Years If He Gets His Wall      - | -     Democrats Reject Trump's Newest Shutdown Offer     - | -     GOP Congressman Invokes 'The Deep State'
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21 January, 2019
Six-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized After Dingo Attack In Australia

CNN reports, on Saturday, a six-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after being attacked by a dingo, a native wild dog, in Australia's Queensland. According to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue, the boy was camping with his family on Fraser Island, off the eastern Queensland coast. After swimming, the young... Read more

21 January, 2019
Second Trump-Kim Summit Will Be In Vietnam

According to Business Insider, Vietnam will be the location for the next summit between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. It will reportedly happen at the end of February, less than a year after the first meeting between Trump and Kim. Vietnam government officials... Read more

21 January, 2019
Afghanistan's Ghani Launches Bid For Second Presidential Term

According to Reuters, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday entered the 2019 presidential race after forging an alliance with a staunch critic to challenge his former governing partners. Ghani is seeking a second term amid the war with the hardline Islamic militants and ongoing peace... Read more

21 January, 2019
Erdogan Says Turkey Is Ready To Take Over Syria's Manbij

ISTANBUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Turkey is ready to take over security in Syria’s Manbij, where four U.S. citizens died in an Islamic State-claimed bombing last week, President Tayyip Erdogan told U.S. President Donald Trump in a telephone call on Sunday, the Turkish presidency said. Read more

19 January, 2019
'Yellow Vests' March Through Paris In 10th Weekend of Protests

According to Reuters, five thousand “Yellow Vest” demonstrators marched through the French capital on Saturday, marking a tenth consecutive weekend of protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s government. A police source said there were around 5,000 protesters in Paris,... Read more

19 January, 2019
Pipeline Explosion Kills 66 People In Mexico

According to Reuters, 66 people were killed and another 76 injured in Mexico a pipeline explosion on Friday night in the state of Hidalgo. Mexico's state-owned petroleum company Pemex has since confirmed that the blast was caused by fuel thieves drilling an illegal tap. The explosion was one of the worst... Read more

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U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Major New York Gun Rights Case
22 January, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday took up its biggest gun rights case in a nearly decade. The court will hear a challenge backed by the influential National Rifle Association lobby group to New York... More

China Made An App That Shows Which People Nearby Are In Debt
22 January, 2019

A Chinese province has developed an app to tell people if they are in the vicinity of someone in debt. Business Insider reports the app, named the "map of deadbeat debtors," is available for use in Hebei,... More

Former US Marine Charged With Espionage In Russia
22 January, 2019

Paul Whelan, a former U.S. marine charged by Russia with espionage, was detained moments after being handed a USB drive/ He believed the drive contained cultural information but which turned out to contain... More