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Sessions Works to Continue His Fight against Immigration as Trump Continues to Attack Him     - | -     After Mavericks Organization Hit with Sexual Harassment, Mark Cuban Will Donate $10 Million to Womenís Groups      - | -     Trump Ramps Up Shutdown Talk Ahead Of Midterms     - | -     James Comey Says Mueller May Be About To Finish Russia Investigation     - | -     'Multiple Victims' Shot Near Baltimore Rite Aid Distribution Center     - | -     Trump Comments About Jeff Sessions: 'I Don't Have An Attorney General'      - | -     Senate Passes Defense and Health Spending Bill, Delays Border Wall Funding Until After Midterms      - | -     GOP Congressman Invokes 'The Deep State'
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21 Sep 2018 01:48 AM EST

House Democrats stuck in the minority have spent months demanding more answers about Trump campaign contacts with Russians in the 2016 election, only to find themselves stymied by a lack of investigative power. House Republicans ignored dozens of those Democratic requests for witness testimony, emails, documents and other evidence before shutting down the Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation altogether. But the tables could soon turn. Democrats appear poised to make major gains in the November midterms, with forecasters calling a House Democratic majority likely. That outcome would allow Democrats to re-open the House’s Russia probe and work through a checklist of witnesses and subpoenas Republicans refused to grant them.

21 September, 2018
Kim Jong-un And Moon Jae Travel To Mount Paektu

According to Business Insider, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un brought South Korean President Moon Jae-in to Mount Paektu. The mountain is the tallest on the Korean peninsula, and is considered the spiritual birthplace of the Korean people. The two leaders posed for pictured at the rim of a 9,000-foot-high... Read more

21 September, 2018
U.S. Seeks New Treaty With Iran

Reuters reports the U.S. special envoy for Iran said on Wednesday that the US seeks to negotiate a treaty with Iran to include Tehran’s ballistic missile program. Iran has rejected U.S. attempts to hold high-level talks ever since President Donald Trump ended a nuclear deal between Tehran... Read more

21 September, 2018
Germany's Merkel Sees A Lot Of Work To Do On Brexit By October

On Thursday, world leaders discussed a possible final Brexit summit for November. Angela Merkel says substantial progress must be made on Brexit by October if a deal is to be struck. Reuters reports, Merkel said Theresa May’s “Chequers” plan offered a good basis for negotiations.... Read more

20 September, 2018
Theresa May Confirms New Proposal For Northern Ireland

British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed on Thursday that she would present the European Union. She will be trying to find agreement on an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. “Well you’ll see what our new proposal is ... when we come forward with it. What I am very... Read more

20 September, 2018
Putin Fires Sniper Rifle On Russian TV

Business Insider reports that Vladimir Putin fired a Kalashnikov sniper rifle at a Moscow shooting range on Wednesday. Russian state TV claimed he hit the target "more than half the time." Footage of the Russian president's visit to the military-themed park showed him wearing earmuffs, protective... Read more

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The Knicks Are Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Case
21 September, 2018

The New York Knicks are for the first time in year following a patient rebuilding plan. Business Insider reports that the team may go after Jimmy Butler and that the he has shown interest to play... More

Instagram Testing Way To Let Users Re-Share Someone Else's Photo
21 September, 2018

Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that lets users reshare other users' photos — something users have wanted for a long time. It'd work similarly to Twitter's retweet button, or shares... More

Amazon's Plan In The Smart Assistant Wars Is To Drown Us in Alexa Devices
21 September, 2018

The digital assistant wars are in full swing, and with Google just recently notching the latest victory by finishing Q2 with the top-selling smart speaker in the world, Amazon is revamping its Alexa-powered... More