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29 Sep 2016 05:09 PM EST

The gluten free craze has taken consumers by storm. It seems that one-third of Americans say they want to cut down on gluten or eliminate it from their diet, but most people have no idea what gluten is. Gluten is a type of protein naturally found in wheat (including spelt, Kamut, farro, and bulgur), barley and rye. Some believe they have to break up with all carbs to live gluten free, you don't. Others believe removing Gluten from meals will melt the pounds away. Wrong! In fact many of the gluten free products have far more carbs and calories than non gluten free items. Visit right now to find out all the facts you need to know when considering a gluten free regimen for your meal plan.

29 September, 2016
Study Shows U.S. Teen Concussions At Record Highs From 2010 Through 2015

A study conducted by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association showed concussion diagnoses among American teenagers skyrocketed from 2010 through 2015. The report's release comes as football-related injuries receive heightened media coverage in the United States. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield,... Read more

29 September, 2016
A Gene Linked to Autism May Affect Dog Sociability

According to researchers, variants in a gene associated with autism in humans may influence a dog's people-seeking behavior. According to animal behaviorist Per Jensen at Linköping University in Sweden, the gene, SEZ6L, is one of five genes in a particular stretch of beagle DNA, that is associated... Read more

29 September, 2016
HIV Treatment Could Get A Boost From Children With Immunity

An Oxford University-led study suggests children who possess special immunities to HIV infections can pave the way for a host of new treatments for the disease.Over half of all children living with HIV die before they are 2 years old. Others, however, are able to live a normal life. Often they... Read more

29 September, 2016
Alicia Machado Returns To Fame

Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado won the 1996 ‘’Miss Universe’’ crown at the age of 19. Machado returned to the spotlight overnight in 2016 when Hillary Clinton reminded Donald Trump that he had ridiculed her when she put on weight. The former Miss Universe, was fat-shamed... Read more

29 September, 2016
Do Healing Crystals Really Do Anything?

If you do a quick search for “crystal healing” online, you’ll likely find a spa or holistic health center in your area that offers healing services using stones, in which a therapist places certain crystals along the “energy centers” (or chakras) of your body to restore... Read more

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German Light Show Displays Huge Hitler in Berlin
German Light  Show Displays Huge Hitler in Berlin
29 September, 2016

A huge moving image of a laughing Adolf Hitler has prompted a shocked Berlin driver to call police. Police say they received a call Monday about the apparition, which turned out to be part of an art installation.... More

Funeral Mourners Remember Marlins' Fernandez As Larger Than Life
Funeral Mourners Remember Marlins' Fernandez As Larger Than Life
29 September, 2016

Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was remembered Thursday as a larger than life figure during a homily at his funeral. The Rev. Jose Alvarez said, "Jose was too good for this league," adding "He's... More

US Authorities Tried to Deport Alfred Olango Twice
US Authorities Tried to Deport Alfred Olango Twice
29 September, 2016

A refugee recently shot and killed by police near San Diego was slated for deportation twice.Then, a year ago, he stopped reporting to immigration authorities, a requirement under the terms of his freedom.But... More