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22 Aug 2014 01:26 PM EST

MI5 and MI6 sources revealed today an NHS doctor, previously accused of kidnapping journalists in Syria, could help identify the British jihadi who murdered James Foley. Shajul Islam was alleged to have been a ‘key figure’ in a militant group that abducted British photographer John Cantlie and his Dutch colleague Jeroen Oerlemans, but the case collapsed. The authorities are keen to speak to Islam and his brother, Razul Islam, in case they know the Londoner known as 'John' - who decapitated journalist James Foley. 'John' is considered the world's most wanted man. A former MI6 chief said the British jihadist will be identified, and the SAS will be sent to Syria to 'bring him to justice'.

22 August, 2014
Atlantic Slows Warming, Temperature Rises Seen Resuming From 2030

Scientists said, the Atlantic Ocean has masked global warming this century by soaking up vast amounts of heat from the atmosphere in a shift likely to reverse from around 2030 and spur fast temperature rises. The theory is the latest explanation for a slowdown in the pace of warming at the Earth's... Read more

21 August, 2014
'World Of Warcraft' Source Code May Reveal A Robin Williams Tribute

  'World of Warcraft' Source Code May Reveal a Robin Williams Tribute   Fans may have discovered Blizzard's plans to memorialize actor Robin Williams in World of Warcraft by examining an upcoming expansion to the game. Gaming site Wowhead discovered three character models named... Read more

21 August, 2014
Mysterious Source of Ozone-Depleting Chemical Baffles NASA

A chemical used in dry cleaning and fire extinguishers may have been phased out in recent years but NASA said Wednesday that carbon tetrachloride is still being spewed into the atmosphere from an unknown source. The world agreed to stop using CC14 as part of the Vienna Convention on Protection... Read more

21 August, 2014
Botox May Slow Tumor Growth in Stomach Cancer

Botox has frozen the faces of countless Hollywood stars, and international researchers said Wednesday the toxic injections might also be able to stop cancer in its tracks, at least temporarily. The findings in the journal Science Translational Medicine are based on studies of mice with stomach... Read more

20 August, 2014
Beyond Millennials: How to Reach Generation Z

Millennials are so last year. As the generation that inspired countless thinkpieces eases out of the public eye, marketers are honing in on the next wave of consumers: Generation Z. These folks, born in 1995 or later, make up 25.9 pieces of the United States' population, contribute $44 billion... Read more

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Scott, Tringale Tied For The Lead At Barclays
23 August, 2014

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MythBusters Says Goodbye To M7 Build Team
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Democrats Reframe Debate On Health Care
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