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27 Nov 2015 04:56 AM EST

"Maybe we have the opportunity for the first time to detect gravitational waves on the Earth," explains Dr Franco Frasconi, from the University Pisa, who is part of Virgo's international team. "This would be a clear demonstration that what [Einstein] said 100 years ago is absolutely correct."

27 November, 2015
Pope Offers Lesson In Humility to Flashy African Leaders

In actions and words on his first tour of the world's poorest continent, Pope Francis has sent a message to African leaders that they could do with less pomp and bit more humility. In a region where presidents speed past slums in cavalcades of luxury vehicles and the public complain about corruption... Read more

26 November, 2015
Nonprofit Lightens Load For Syrian Refugees With Baby Carriers

This year alone, more than 700,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Greece. Many have traveled long, dangerous routes across the Mediterranean. Now, volunteers are trying to help lighten their loads. An organization called Carry the Future has distributed more than 3,000 baby carriers... Read more

25 November, 2015
Report Says the Last Five Years Were the Hottest on Record

According to a report released by the World Meteorological Organization Wednesday, because of human-caused global warming and a strong El Niño, Earth's wild weather this year is bursting the annual heat record. The United Nations weather agency added that the period of time from 2011... Read more

24 November, 2015
Keep These 4 Thanksgiving Foods Away From Your Pets

While gathered around your Thanksgiving table, it can be tempting to slip a few pieces of the delicious food to your loyal pets. Read more

24 November, 2015
The Young To Be Poorer Than Parents In Life

 Young people are on track to be poorer than their parents at every stage of their lives, according to a new report. Read more

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Big Ten Preview: No. 8 Ohio State Buckeyes @ No. 10 Michigan Wolverines
Big Ten Preview: No. 8 Ohio State Buckeyes @ No. 10 Michigan Wolverines
27 November, 2015

-by TJ Inman, Contributing Writers; Image: Michigan Wolverines quarterback Jake Rudock. (Image Source: Christian Peterson/Getty Images) Even after Ohio State’s shocking home loss to Michigan... More

Rocket Debris Recovered Near United Kingdom
Rocket Debris Recovered Near United Kingdom
27 November, 2015

An American rocket which blew up months ago has a piece which likely reached an unexpected destination, the Isles of Scilly.Recently recovered floating between the islands of Bryher and Tresco... More

New Regulations on Catfish
New Regulations on Catfish
27 November, 2015

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued new rules for catfish suppliers on Wednesday, requiring on-site inspections of farms and processing plants for both domestic and foreign producers, mostly... More