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4 May, 2017
House Passes Healthcare Bill, but It's Not the End of the World

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor Trumpcare was approved by the House with 217 votes today, after a few days of behind-the-scenes negotiating, wherein the press and the public were given minimal chances to weigh in or even learn what was being debated.  The plan approved by the House would give the states the ability to take away protections for pre-existing... Read more

26 January, 2017
President Trump, the Twitter President

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor My daughter loves playing tea. She sits there with her stuffed animals and starts serving them play food and just has a grand old time. I act in the capacity of a waiter, giving her more play food and letting her decide who gets what. Sometimes, when I notice that she's given too many toy food items to herself, I remind her to share... Read more

12 January, 2017
Joe Biden Teared Up While Receiving Medal Of Freedom From Obama

President Obama surprised Vice President Joe Biden Thursday with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. "I am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor," the POTUS said. Associated Press Obama prefaced the presentation with a speech honoring Biden’s service and character. “To know Joe Biden is to know that love without pretense,... Read more

10 January, 2017
Belle Doll Looks Like Justin Bieber

Emma Watson charmed crowds over the weekend when a new "Beauty and the Beast" television spot featured her lovely singing voice. But the doll version of Watson dressed as Belle hit a sour note. When William Herrington spotted the doll at a Colorado JC Penney store and posted the images to Flickr, fans immediately decided the doll looked less like Watson... Read more

10 January, 2017
In Emotional Speech, President Obama Says Goodbye

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor President Barack Obama said goodbye to the United States of America in his final speech to the nation on Tuesday night. Obama, quoting George Washington's Farewell Address and then getting teary-eyed while talking about the importance of his wife in his life, gave a speech that challenged Americans to think bigger and move... Read more

2 January, 2017
Who Are the Toughest Female Characters Of 2016?

Joss Whedon is famous for his response to this question, “So, why do you always write these strong women characters?” He stated back, “Because you’re still asking me that question.” Whedon is right, writers must still make it a point to write strong female protagonist. In honor of them screen rant made a list of who they... Read more

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Stephen King's IT Expected To Top Box Office Next Month
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