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24 Aug 2016 10:49 PM EST

Leslie Jones has been the repeated target of online harassment but the question remains: Why? Sadly, it appears that the things that make her stand out and be unique are also what causes her to come under attack. “Cyber aggressors target people who are different because they want to reinforce norms of heterosexuality, gender, race, etc.,” Dr. Diane Felmlee, a professor of sociology at Penn State who has studied cyberbullying, told TheWrap. That certainly does seem to fit Jones’ case. Ever since she was cast in the all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters,” the comedian has been defending herself from sexist and racist vitriol online.

18 August, 2016
The Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte Rivalry

Michael Phelps is the golden boy of USA's Men's Swimming Team not just for his record for holding most gold medals ever. As four of his teammates including Rival Ryan Lochte find themselves making headlines for their ties to an alleged robbery/vandalism incident in Brazil , is all smiles back in the States. Phelps has been touched by scandal before... Read more

17 August, 2016
Enrollment Increases As Students Return To School

As summer comes to a close, students are bidding farewell to late bedtimes and sleeping in. The Associated Press reports that expected attendance in public elementary and secondary schools is up slightly from last year and that many other statistics are changing in 2015-2016. Math and reading tests show that national averages are either the same or lower... Read more

11 August, 2016
U.N. Chief Asks Hollywood Stars To Help End Poverty

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon traveled to Hollywood recently to entreat stars to help with the United Nation's campaign to end poverty, fight climate change, and promote human rights. TV legend Norman Lear and producer/director Brett Ratner both hosted celebrity lunches for Ki-Moon, where Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Courtney Love, and many others... Read more

2 August, 2016
Fifty Is the New Sixty? Yikes!

A new study indicates age-related physical decline might begin earlier than thought. According to UPI, researchers from Duke University Health System in Durham, N.C., found that signs of physical decline can be seen in people in their 50s. The researchers assessed 775 adults ranging in age from their 30s to over 100. The participants had to perform... Read more

1 August, 2016
Viral Photo Of Brown Berets And Black Lives Matter Revealed

A recent Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles captured local media headlines for temporarily shutting down the 405 Freeway, one of the nation’s busiest highways. Local Angelenos focused on a much different image that came out of that protest. A photograph of two Latina women wearing matching brown berets and standing in formation. Photographer... Read more

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