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19 Jan 2015 02:21 PM EST

Makeup-Free Monday: Demi Lovato Goes Au Naturale to Show her ‘Beauty and Confidence’

Demi Lovato started a new social media trend for the ladies, and we're absolutely loving it! The 21-year-old singer took to Instagram last week to share a photo of her (flawless) skin without a hint of makeup on, going au naturale to show her fans and followers she's got all the beauty and confidence in the world... And to encourage others to follow along in her footsteps. She captioned the pic, "Forgot to post this a while back... Let's start a new Twitter/Instagram trend: #NoMakeupMonday...

21 December, 2014
The Dichotomy between Blue and Black

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor; Image: Officers Wenjian Liu (left) and Rafael Ramos (right) (Image source: NYPD) As a heads up, you should know that the dichotomy is a false one.  There is now a competitor to #blacklivesmatter, and that competitor is #bluelivesmatter. The latter emerged following the execution of two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday.  Officers... Read more

20 December, 2014
What Should Sony Have Done?

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor On Wednesday, Sony decided to pull the release of "The Interview," the controversial film depicting the assassination of Kim Jong-un.  The decision has garnered criticism from political figures and the public alike. President Obama said that Sony should have spoken to him before making the decision, calling it "a mistake."... Read more

15 December, 2014
Uber, Why Are You Literally The Worst?

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor; Image: Screenshot of Uber's surge pricing in Sydney sent to Mashable on December 15, 2014. Following a rape in New Dehli, an executive's threat that he'd run smear campaigns against a journalist and their active sabotage of competitors like Lyft, one would assume that Uber would finally get some sense and play nice. Wrong. After... Read more

20 November, 2014
In Offering Hope, Obama Risks All

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor President Obama revealed his immigration plan today, granting asylum to up to five million illegal immigrants. Among those five million are parents of the children who received Deferred Action in his 2012 immigration executive order. Deportations were also halted for children who came to the U.S. between 2007 and 2010.  The... Read more

9 November, 2014
And the Republicans Roared Back

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor President Obama had everything to lose (and he did) but also had every opportunity to right the ship. The country wanted to see leadership. The country wanted to see a president who would compromise with Republicans. Yes, it's true that if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile, but worse things can happen. Having a nation... Read more

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