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2 Mar 2015 01:45 PM EST

-by Drew Kolar, Editor; Image: Dakota Johnson in the SNL “Father Daughter Ad” ISIS sketch from Saturday (Image Source: NBC)

Some Saturday Night Live viewers are in an uproar after the long-running sketch comedy show aired a piece poking fun at ISIS, the extremist Islamist rebel group who have been wreaking havoc across the Middle East and recently coercing at least three teenage girls to leave their homes in London and join them in Syria.

In the satirical ad, Dakota Johnson plays a daughter who is saying her goodbyes to her father as he drops her off—but instead of heading off to college, it is revealed that she instead is joining up with ISIS, as a truck of rebels pulls up alongside her father’s car to whisk her away. Apparently, people are appalled at the idea that SNL could joke about such a thing (even though, as Gothamist points out, this is not the first ISIS joke for the show). Watch the sketch below:

Commentary on the skit ranges from “not funny” and “too far” to “disgusting,” “vile” and “absolutely sick”—never mind that SNL has parodied varying world events for 40 years now and are not discriminatory by any means of who or what they poke fun at.

But why is everyone so offended? It seems that SNL is simply establishing their belief that ISIS is a ridiculous movement and is making fun of the ridiculous notion that kids are being coerced into joining up. Sure, ISIS has committed atrocities, but as we’ve seen with most extremist movements, they absolutely hate to be made fun of—and that’s exactly what SNL is doing. They aren’t laughing at the beheadings and crimes against humanity committed, but rather at the notion that someone would actually choose to blindly join in the madness.

It’s a sad day when people begin to misunderstand or be offended by satire. Not everything in this world will be politically correct, and SNL has especially always been far from it. Perhaps that brand of humor is just nor for you, and if that’s the case, you can always turn the channel. When did our society become extra sensitive? When did people start taking satire seriously?

Luckily, it seems SNL is standing by their decision.

“Proud of this. Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon. Thanks to the writers who asked not to be mentioned by name,” star Taran Killam posted on Twitter on Monday.

Other stars and commenters online have also backed SNL in the ongoing debate. Arsenio Hall even quoted the ad’s tag line in his supportive post: “ISIS: We'll take it from here dad! #snl #hilarious”

If viewers can look at the clip in a different light, maybe they will find the humor in the political commentary. Otherwise, for those who can’t take the satire, maybe it’s best to just turn off the TV.

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