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31 Jan 2016 10:53 PM EST

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor

The Republican primary circuit has been one of the most fascinating electoral processes in recent history (anywhere in the world). With real estate giant Donald Trump leading the way, despite constant comparisons to Hitler by his detractors, and Ted Cruz in second, despite the fact that no one seems to like him (seriously, who's answering that they support Ted Cruz in these polls?), the Republican race has been fascinating.

Throw in Ben Carson and you've basically got a rodeo show. 

On the serious side of life, the Republican race also has Jeb Bush (who has been about as exciting as Mr. Rogers), Marco Rubio (non-existent), Chris Christie (B-squad), Ron Paul (forgettable) and John Kasich. Kasich, governor of Ohio, actually has his head on his shoulders.

He understands the issues and has not stooped to race-baiting or fear-mongering like the vast majority of his opponents. His campaign has, so far, been respectful of his opponents without being weak.

Though he lacks the flamboyance of Donald Trump and the pedigree of Jeb Bush, Kasich could easily win Ohio in a general election, which would give the Republicans the White House. No other Republican candidate has a chance of pulling that off. 

Because of that electoral advantage (and because Kasich is a Republican who has shown a real ability to govern and an ability to work with Democrats without alienating huge segments of the population), we support John Kasich as the Republican nominee for the 2016 primaries. 

31 January, 2016
Bernie Sanders, Results Over "Safe" Candidates

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor Progressives have a problem. They're scared of winning. Not of winning elections, but of winning on policy. Progressives are scared of being called scary names like "democratic socialist" (there's nothing scary about democratic socialists, since they represent the left in almost every major European country, and a lot of those... Read more

18 January, 2016
Democratic Debate Recap: Arguing Over Issues

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor You might have missed it, because the Republican candidates are reducing their debates to the same level of a "Real Housewives" reunion, but this is an election year and people are talking about political issues. At least, the Democratic candidates are.  Last night's debate featured some fierce debate, centered around... Read more

8 December, 2015
It's Time to Speak the Truth about Donald Trump

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor; Image: Garbage can in New York City subway system (Credit: Twitter; @JustinBrannan) Let's not say that enough is enough with Donald Trump. It was always too far. He's racist against anyone who isn't white. He's sexist against women. He's probably bigoted in other ways that he hasn't deigned to mention to us yet. He's also... Read more

25 November, 2015
World Bank to Help Africans Combat Effects of Climate Change

The World Bank to propose a $16 billion plan to assist Africa in fighting the effects of climate change with renewable energy and more.  Read more

15 November, 2015
How We Underestimated ISIL

Over the course of the past year, many analysts and policy makers have struggled to pin down the terrorist capabilities of the Islamic State. Al Qaeda was obsessed with ingenuity, following in the footsteps of legendary jihadist bomb-maker Ramzi Yousef. The clever design of Al Qaeda bombs and the group’s propensity for intricate plotting gave... Read more

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