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25 Nov 2015 05:04 AM EST

The World Bank to propose a $16 billion plan to assist Africa in fighting the effects of climate change with renewable energy and more. 

15 November, 2015
How We Underestimated ISIL

Over the course of the past year, many analysts and policy makers have struggled to pin down the terrorist capabilities of the Islamic State. Al Qaeda was obsessed with ingenuity, following in the footsteps of legendary jihadist bomb-maker Ramzi Yousef. The clever design of Al Qaeda bombs and the group’s propensity for intricate plotting gave... Read more

14 November, 2015
The Paris Attacks: What Should France Do Now?

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor; Image: Fans fled to the field of the Stade de France following the France-Germany match since they were not allowed to leave the stadium as a security precaution France has a decision to make, following the terrible attacks that took place yesterday in Paris, which took over 120 lives and even forced President Francois Hollande... Read more

4 November, 2015
Five Questions To Ask To Prepare For Money Problems In Relationships

Money is one of the most universal sources of relationship problems. If you’re getting serious with your partner, ask these five questions to establish a baseline so there are no surprises later. As personal finance blog Money Ning points out, part of the reason money causes problems in relationships is because couples often don’t talk about... Read more

4 November, 2015
Seattle to Clean Its Famous Gum Wall

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is famous for a few things, including a wall full of many many layers of old chewing gum. The Gum Wall is an institution. It’s been around for decades. Now, for the first time in 20 years the Pike Place powers that be have decided it’s time to clean it up. They’re planning the give it a thorough steam... Read more

3 November, 2015
Anonymous Outs Ku Klux Klan Members

Hacktivist group Anonymous has begun publishing the personal details of members of the Ku Klux Klan as its campaign of cyberwar against the white supremacist group escalates.  Read more

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