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23 Mar 2017 01:52 PM EST

Tom Cruise may be Scientology's most famous face, but even he's admitted to being afraid of practicing his beliefs openly.
The Jack Reacher star was a topic of discussion in Stephen Galloway's new book, Leading Lady, which focuses on former CEO of Paramount Pictures Sherry Lansing.
The book recounts a time in which Cruise's Scientology beliefs got in the way of his professional career. In 2003, Lansing had to step between Cruise—a crucial asset for Paramount—and the studio's former president of production, John Goldwyn. At the time, the producer was in the middle of a divorce from his Scientologist wife, Colleen Camp, and fighting for custody of their daughter.
PageSix spoke with Goldwyn who revealed he'd told the court that he believed Scientology was "being applied to alienate the affection" of his daughter. This, of course, resulted in Camp passing their divorce papers along to Scientology leaders, including Cruise.
At that point, Goldwyn said Cruise intervened in the divorce process.
"Tom got very upset because he thought I was launching a campaign against Scientology, and he felt I was persecuting him for his religion," Goldwyn told the publication. "Tom was rabid about it and said, 'It's because of people like you that I have to ride in a bulletproof car and why I cannot practice my faith openly.'"
Cue Lansing.
Considering the two men were important parts to the company, the Paramount CEO stepped in to smooth things out.
"Sherry was amazing as an executive and a friend," Goldwyn recalled. "She stepped in and saved the situation by saying, 'I've known John for years, and he isn't a bigot. This is about his daughter.' Tom immediately calmed down."
In fact, Cruise eventually helped finalize Goldwyn's divorce.
Upon finding out the producer hadn't reached a settlement yet, the actor told him, "'Hold tight' [and] within 24 hours we were done. Tom Cruise was responsible for bringing my divorce to a close. It is a great Hollywood story."
Leading Lady will be released April 25.

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Sofia Vargara's Ex Has Some Major Complaints

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Dax Shepard Opens Up On His Successful Marriage

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22 March, 2017
Cat Deeley Called Out for Not Leaving Tip After She Was Comped for Bad Meal

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