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27 Aug 2016 05:21 AM EST

With Suicide Squad in theaters right now, there are plenty of people looking to take advantage of the visually-striking look of David Ayer's supervillain team-up in time for Halloween in a couple of months.
Early to the table -- and one of the best we've seen so far -- is, who have a line of Suicide Squad merch that seems to ride that line of being perfect for most fans: the quality is high enough that it looks basically like it stepped off the screen, but it's not the crazy, hundreds-of-dollars replica from some big-name designer or custom tailor.
In all seriousness, though, check out their Suicide Squad line. They've got some great stuff, and after seeing the quality of the craftsmanship and the attention to detail on the Harley jacket, I'm straight up buying the Captain Boomerang one for myself come Halloween time.
Here's a rundown on what I noticed about the Harley jacket:
The vinyl (or paint or whatever it is) lettering is NOT going to peel on you, like I've seen some of these sateen-looking jackets with lettering printed on them do. That's key if you're planning on dropping the $100 or so on this replica and using it for more than just one time.
The fact that New York Comic Con and Halloween are back to back this year notwithstanding, I mean.
Everything on the jacket is functional, not just for looks, which is huge for me. I've been sent a few of these things where it's basically just an upscaled version of the Halloween costume you'd get at the mall, with shallow or non-functioning pockets.
The gold stripe that runs along the shoulders is the only part that is actually stitched on in a way that looks like Harley customized it. It's also one of the only things that doesn't look 100% spot-on, as looking at photos of Margot Robbie's shows a very different design on the bumpy/frilly parts of the ribbon than the one that comes on this jacket. As I note in the video, though, I kind of feel like anything that's too frilly or too far out from the body of the jacket is, in a convention scenario, just something to get caught on stuff. It looks convincing enough that you couldn't tell the difference from anything more than about 2' away, so you're in pretty good shape there.
The jacket itself is very high quality. For $99, you kind of expect that...but don't take those things for granted. As with designer clothing, cosplay/costume clothes you're often paying for the logo -- literally, in the case of something that says "Property of Joker" in giant letters on the back. The quality of craftsmanship, of the materials, and the overall comfort tend to take a backseat to looks, and these guys have found a middle ground where they don't seem to have sacrificed one for the other.


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