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World Diabetes Day: Tips for Living a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

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World Diabetes Day: Tips for Living a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

2019-11-14 18:50:251 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST

By Chanel Adams, Image: Wikimedia Commons

World Diabetes Day is Thursday, Nov. 14. Are you living a healthy lifestyle? How about your family? Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with diabetes? Even if you have diabetes, it’s important that you live an active and healthy lifestyle. It’s important for diabetes prevention. This can include a wide variety of factors include eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of regular exercise, and having a strength training and stretching routine.

A healthy and active lifestyle can also help you maintain a healthy weight as well. As everyone focuses on World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14, the best way to celebrate this day is to dedicate yourself to a new diet and exercise regimen. Maybe you’re someone who’s fallen off your diet for some time. Or, maybe you’re interested in trying a new workout routine. What better day than today than to make that change for yourself and your loved ones.

This day is used to promote awareness about diabetes, a health condition that’s common in U.S. and other parts of the world. Diabetes is known as a group of diseases that causes too much sugar to accumulate in the blood. Diabetes comes in two most common forms – Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. There’s also gestational diabetes, but the most common is Type 1 which attacks the immune system and leads to other health problems. Most adults and children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, but it can happen to anyone.

People who suffer from Type 1 diabetes have to take insulin injections daily. However, Type 2 diabetes is the more common of the two types. A poor diet and lifestyle can put you at risk for Type 2 diabetes. This occurs when your body is unable to produce insulin. The best way to prevent Type 2 diabetes and to keep it at bay is to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Gestational diabetes mostly occurs in pregnant women. This type of diabetes can last well into childbirth. Those diagnosed with gestational diabetes can be at risk for Type 2 diabetes later on in life. There are several ways to keep your diabetes under control, no matter what kind you’ve been diagnosed with. Of course, living a healthy and active lifestyle is key for managing and regulating your blood sugar levels. A healthy lifestyle involves a healthy diet, daily exercise, and a strength training program of some kind.

Here are some other lifestyle tips you should keep in mind for managing your diabetes and blood sugar levels. Maintaining your blood sugar level is key for effective diabetes management. Your blood sugar levels can spike following a meal, which is where diabetes is responsible for blood sugar regulation. To manage your blood sugar levels, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet that’s filled with carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber. Protein-rich foods such as almonds, beans, legumes, fish, and poultry are all ideal.

You should also monitor your blood sugar levels throughout the day to ensure that your levels are healthy. In addition, you should modify your diet according to the severity of your disease or your weight. It may also be adjusted according to your eating habits. Nutritionist Sheela Krishnawamy has the easiest solution for diabetics. According to Dr. Sheela, diabetics should eat more Indian foods since it’s healthier and full of fiber.

She also suggested that “diabetics can have cereal with milk and a fruit for breakfast; roti, dal, sabzi along with dahi or raita for lunch; handful of almonds or sprouts for an evening snack; your dinner can be similar to lunch, but smaller quantities,” she added.

Of course, you should avoid refined sugars and carbs. You should also avoid fast food and other high-fat foods if you’re struggling with high blood sugar levels. Diabetics should also avoid aerated drinks and beverages, alcohol, and cigarettes. Exercising on an empty stomach should also be avoided, unless your blood sugar levels are under control. Instead, eat a light snack before your workout. If you still have a sweet tooth, then you should enjoy sugar-free supplements from Advanced Diabetes Health.

The World Diabetes Day website suggests that you should check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. As always, you should talk to your doctor about keeping your blood sugar levels under control. And you should also consult your doctor before trying a new diet or exercise program.

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