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Kavanaugh Nomination is Unacceptable Yet Unfortunately Probable
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5 Oct 2018 03:18 PM EST

-by Drew Kolar, Editor; Image: Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh during his Confirmation Hearing (Image Source: C-SPAN Screenshot via Instinct Magazine)

With the vote to officially approve Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh looming on Saturday and a procedural vote to advance him already cast on Friday morning, the Senate seems to be on the judge's side, albeit by a very small margin (51-49 in favor). This includes two senators, one from each party, who have strayed from their sides' popular opinions: Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the only Republican to vote no, and Sen. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia was the only Democrat to vote yes. Prior to Friday's vote, Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, along with Sen. Manchin, were undecided.

All of this comes as Kavanaugh has faced a grueling hearing, including accusations of sexual assault and alcohol abuse--specifically from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who accused the judge of sexual assault in their teen years. Although an FBI investigation ensued, further delaying the Senate vote, Republicans seem to believe that Kavanaugh has been exonerated by the results.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, chair of the Judiciary Committee, notedly put out an executive summary that listed the ten witnesses the FBI interviewed and noted that "there is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford or Ms. [Deborah] Ramirez," according to Though the investigation was limited, it seems to have been enough to convince two Republican swing voters--Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Susan Collins of Maine--that the investigation was "thorough" enough for them to side with Kavanaugh.

This entire situation, though, is simply unfortunate. For the Senate to completely dismiss Kavanaugh's performance during the hearing as well as second-guess a victim of sexual assault due to her limited memory of a traumatic event that occurred decades ago is unforgivable. For Sen. Manchin to turn his back on his party and his state of West Virginia, which largely votes Democrat (save for the past few presidential races), is also shocking.

A large part of the hearing was meant to be a character review, yet the Senate--or specifically the Republicans as well as one Democrat who has become more and more Republican throughout his career--ignored the fact that Kavanaugh came off as an angry alcoholic with a questionable past. They are willingly about to vote to appoint someone with obvious unstable emotions and morals simply to stay true to their party and to the worst U.S. president in our lifetimes. While party loyalty is acceptable, there are moments when even loyalty must be set aside when morality is also in question.

Let's be honest here: if Kavanaugh doesn't get confirmed, we would most likely see another Republican nominee in his place in the near future. The issue is not that he is a Republican (although, Democrats obviously would want one of their own in the seat), but that he has a bad reputation and should not serve for the remainder of his life in the highest court of the nation. Supreme Court Judges have a very serious position, yet Kavanaugh comes off as emotionally unstable, at the very least, and does not seem as though he can make a fair and coherent decision. The country's fate and future lie in his hands--and we are expected to trust him?

At this point, sadly, we have seen how the Senate plans to vote on Saturday, and the future looks fairly grim. From a liberal standpoint, our next few years seems to continue to be filled with protests and fights to turn the tables--although it will be a slow process, even if we usher in a new President in the coming two years. In the meantime, November's election is looming, and we have a chance to fight back in some form with our votes.

Kavanaugh's approval is an unacceptable move, yet it may be one we will be facing in the next few hours. For now, we must continue to be vocal and fight for our futures. Stay strong, contact your representatives, and vote in November--we must keep this country moving forward instead of repeating the past.

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