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Ryan Murphy Has A New Vision For His Work
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19 Jul 2018 05:45 PM EST

Ryan Murphy is not just moving on from 20th Century Fox. The extremely prolific writer, showrunner and mega-producer says he's done trying to get a rise out of viewers — at least in the ways he's long been known for. "I'm not interested in shock value anymore," Murphy said during a Wednesday conversation with Ronan Farrow at the Beverly Hilton. "I've gotten away from sexuality and violence and how far I can push the envelope." The event, hosted by the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, saw the two men talking about Murphy's evolving tastes, discrimination in Hollywood, and the multihyphenate's exceptionally large slate, one that's only set to get even bigger in his move to Netflix. "The idea of being prolific in our world is sometimes seen as a negative," said Murphy, whose latest series (FX's Pose) was just renewed for a second season only days earlier. "The new thing I'm doing focuses on [projects] that aren't just not in my view. I'm working with young talent, trying to get them in the system and trying to change the system." Murphy and Farrow may seem like strange bedfellows, but both men have been among the biggest instigators in the current push for change in the entertainment industry — Murphy for his aggressive moves for representation both on and behind the camera and Farrow for his role in taking down Harvey Weinstein. (Rumors of Farrow’s next subject, in his efforts to expose sexual harassment and assault across professions, has been a source of fevered industry debate.)

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