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Mouse Found In Wendy's Hamburger Bag
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20 Jun 2018 02:01 AM EST

If you like eating hamburgers with rodents on top, Wendy's may be for you.
The fast-food giant is in trouble after an employee said that they saw a live mouse in a bag of hamburger buns.
The employee also claims that other workers at the Catoosa, Oklahoma location “leave cigarettes all over the place.”
The employee who goes by he name "Sky Frame" on Facebook added, “I’ve heard that there have been mice around the store, but I’ve never seen it happen...So I go back there and there’s a live mouse. It’s moving around in the bag.”
She said that her discovery is not new.
Us Weekly reports that the Wendy's worker saw "mouse droppings in multiple bun bags" and heard stories and saw videos from other coworkers that show mice in their hamburger bun bags.
Wendy's claims that their had the Oklahoma burger location inspected on June 15 and found no rodents.
They issued a statement.
“Our franchisee is aware of this situation and is taking this matter very seriously. They immediately launched an investigation with their pest control vendor and internal quality assurance experts to ensure immediate and appropriate action is taken ... We have stringent procedures in place to ensure safe and well-maintained restaurants.”

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