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Actress Millie Bobby Brown Quits Twitter
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14 Jun 2018 07:11 AM EST

Millie Bobby Brown, star of Netflix' "Stranger Things," is deleting her Twitter account. reports the 14-year-old actress is doing so after memes bearing her image began to circulate.
The surge of hateful memes involving the actress also involved hateful homophobic slurs.
The memes often juxtapose Brown's innocent image with offensive quotes.
It's unclear when and why the memes began, or why Brown was targeted.
Brown has been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ causes and anti-bullying campaigns.
Brown isn't the only celebrity to depart social media following relentless harassment.
In 2016, SNL actress Leslie Jones quit Twitter after being subjected to racist insults.
Daisy Ridley also left social media following harassment over he beliefs on gun control.
Actress Kelly Marie Tran also quit after being the target of countless racist and sexist insults.

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