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Former Miss America Mallory Hagan Is Stirring Up American Politics
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14 Jun 2018 06:22 AM EST

29-year-old former Miss America Mallory Hagan recently won the Democratic nomination for Congress in Alabama's 3rd District. In November, she'll face off with 59-year-old Republican Mike Rogers, who has held his seat since 2003. The odds aren't exactly in Hagan's favor, but she told Refinery29, "Absolutely I can beat him." Rogers is endorsed by the NRA and is known for cheerleading President Trump on almost every issue. In a district where the majority of counties voted for Trump, Hagan does have some advantages: she's young and female. This year, a record-breaking number of women are running for U.S. House and Senate races. Hagan is confident that she can secure the 18 to 25 voter demographic in the wake of the March for our Lives movement. She said, "It's my hope that our generation will be the generation that figures out a different way."

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