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Trump Is Promising Syria that Missiles 'Will Be Coming,' Angering Russia as Well
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11 Apr 2018 08:37 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Images: Airstrikes, Syrian child (Image Source: Public Domain)


There was a graphic being passed around recently showing that children who were born in the early 2000s on don't know anything other than being at war. They don't know peace. And now it seems like we'll be gearing up to start yet another war as Donald Trump has promised Syria that after the chemical weapon attack, missiles "will be coming," angering the Russians as well.

But where does this leave us? While it's certainly not right to be launching chemical warfare, are we in the right to jump into this fight? Is this where we want to be? Sending missiles to hurt more people?

The chemical attack in Syria is being referred to as one of the worst chemical bombings ever in the country. Many, including Trump, are blaming President Bashar al-Assad. Trump and other Western leaders are pleading for this event to not be repeated.

To truly understand what happened, it should be pointed out that this didn't just affect a military group. This affected civilians, many of them being children, in the town of Khan Sheikhoun. It appeared they died from breathing in the chemicals, as they were choking, gasping for air, and foaming at the mouth. It even affected the rescue workers who were not hit with the chemicals other than being near the 69 people who died.

And these people have died a horrifying uncivil death because of the Syrian Civil War and armed conflict that is being fought between al-Assad's government and those opposing it. While at one point al-Assad swore off using chemical weapons, he appears to have had a change of mind, though he's also refusing to take responsibility.

Russia was standing by to offer an excuse. Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, a spokesperson for the Defense Ministry, has described the scene as Syrian warplanes striking an insurgent storehouse that contained toxic substances for the purpose of creating chemical weapons.

But it seems obvious that there is more to it than that. A few hours after the initial attack, there was an additional airstrike that hit a clinic treating victims of the first attack. This is after the largest hospital in the area was damaged two days before in a separate airstrike.

Like much of the world, is horrified by the thought of innocent people, many of them children, being attacked in this manner. And as much as we are looking at our young citizens knowing nothing other than wartime, what do Syria's children know?

This has now caused a conflict between the U.S. and Russia. Donald Trump vowed to retaliate for this attack on Syrian civilians. He has not provided a timeline yet but promises Syria that U.S. airstrikes "will be coming."

This isn't welcome news to Russia. "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready, Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!' " tweeted the President. "You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!"

But there's already been too much violence. There have been too many deaths. Is it right to strike out against a fight our country is not a part of with an attack that could be causing even more deaths? When will the suffering end? When will Syrian children and U.S. children learn what peacetime is like? 

While sometimes it can be necessary to take action to keep control of a situation, many times war is not welcomed, especially if we're entering a fight that doesn't include us and putting our own country in further danger. Too many innocent people have already been killed in the Syrian conflict.

What is hoping and praying for at this point is for any further actions that are taken in this conflict, regardless of the side, to minimize the destruction and casualties.


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