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Tonya Harding Threatens to Walk Out of Interview with Piers Morgan
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12 Jan 2018 01:51 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Tonya Harding (Image Source: Screenshot)

The name Tonya Harding gripped the headlines back in 1994. Criminal activity had occurred in the figure skating world, and she was at the center of it.

With a new movie, I, Tonya, focusing on her life, Harding is once again in the news, especially after sitting in the audience watching Allison Janney win a Golden Globe for playing the part of her mother.

Before the Winter Olympics in 1994, Harding's competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, was attacked by Shane Stant. It was later revealed that he'd been hired by Harding's ex, Jeff Gillooly, and her bodyguard, Shawn Eckhardt, to break Kerrigan's leg.

Harding didn't medal in the Olympics, but Kerrigan won the silver medal. The three men involved in the attack went on to serve time for their part in the attack, and later the United States Figure Skating Association took away Harding's U.S. Championship title and banned her for life as both a skater and a coach.

She was a guest on Good Morning Britain via satellite, being interviewed by Piers Morgan. Despite it being nearly 25 years ago, he wanted to go back to that infamous attack and wanted to know if she knew about the planned attack on Kerrigan.

Harding didn't want to discuss that and said she was there to discuss the movie about her life.

"I respect you for trying to ask these questions. I'm here to talk about the future and what it means," she told Morgan. "My movie is going to help so many people, [and let them know] that it is okay to ask for help. So, that's why I'm here."

The caustic interviewer interrupted her to say, "Maybe it suits you to play the victim, [but] the victim was Nancy Kerrigan."

Possibly not seeing a good ending to the interview, Harding told him, "Thank you so much, but I think I'm going to have to say have a good night."

When he asked if she was going, she replied, "You weren't letting me finish. I think many people are victims every day, people need to stand up for themselves, that abuse shouldn't be happening anymore."

Morgan stuck to his guns, insisting, "Nancy Kerrigan was the victim; she was abused, she was attacked."

"People don't understand what I was going through," Harding shot back.

"You did know what was happening, what they were planning to do, didn't you?" Morgan again asked.

"No, I did not!" the former figure skater shot back.

"You didn't have any knowledge at all – it was a pure coincidence?" the British journalist shot back, with Harding once again insisting she didn't.

He later tweeted, "I'm afraid I don't share Ms. Harding's view that she is the victim in this story."

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