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Anderson Cooper Expertly Handles Roy Moore's Spokesperson
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7 Dec 2017 06:06 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Anderson Cooper (Image Source: Tulane Public Relations via Wikimedia Commons)

Let this be a lesson to anyone going on Anderson Cooper's show on CNN: either you talk, or he'll do the talking for you, and you may not want that.

When Roy Moore's spokesperson didn't want to speak for what the Senate candidate stands for, the news host filled in the blanks and let everyone know just what he doesn't support.

It's just days away from the special election that will fill this Alabama Senate seat. While the seat has historically been a Republican's to lose, Moore has left that all in doubt with sexual misconduct accusations regarding underage girls as young as 14.

Janet Porter, Moore's spokesperson, was Cooper's guest on Wednesday night but was unable to share anything of merit.

Porter instead issued scripted phrases that seemed like they were designed to draw in their base while not admitting to anything. These included mentioning that Alabama was "ground zero for freedom" and that they were launching a "culture war." She stated that Moore "stands for religious liberty" and "the Constitution." She even referred to his opponent as "Abortion Jones."

Cooper asked her about the sexual misconduct accusations that have been lodged against Moore, and she insisted they were planted by "the lynch mob media" and promoted by others including the "Democrat establishment" and people from the "abortion Lobby."

Cooper offered, "Your campaign has blamed an awful lot of people for the accusations being made by women against Roy Moore."

He listed the many who have been blamed such as his opponent Doug Moore, Mitch McConnell, homosexuals, transgender people, criminals, and even "mainstream Republicans."

He pushed into Porter further and asked, "Can you just explain to me how all these people got together and came up with this plot against Roy Moore? I don't know if there's a conference call that Mitch McConnell and, like, radical homosexuals are on, but it'd be fascinating to hear that."

The spokesperson refused to back down or say anything of merit, insisting that "the establishment" often pushes false allegations against candidates it doesn't care for, adding that when "false allegations are generated, there tends to be a pile-on. That's how a lynch mob works."

Still, Cooper wasn't done, he asked her if Moore "still believe[s] that homosexual conduct should be illegal and homosexuality is still the same thing as bestiality?"

Porter only uttered, "I can't answer that question," but did say that Judge Moore "believes the Bible and what the Bible has to say."

He pressed on: "Can you get back to me on whether or not he believes homosexuality should be illegal?"

And even further: "If you don't want to answer, that's fine, but can you get back to us?"

She was finally left to agree that she would do that.

Cooper's next topic was the 9/11 attacks and if Moore still believes they happened because "we've distanced ourselves from God" or that Muslims shouldn't be able to serve in Congress. Porter again had no answers.

He also asked, "Does he still believe Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States?" and "Does he still believe that the U.S. is 'the focus of evil in the world' because of same-sex marriage?"

"You can ridicule his biblical beliefs if you want," she finally answered. "The Bible has very clear things to say about a lot of issues."

"You're the spokesperson, and you seem unwilling," issued Cooper. "I know you're not from Alabama, but you seem either not to know what his positions are or are unwilling to actually tell me what his positions are."

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