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National Enquirer Editor Reportedly Worked Alongside Harvey Weinstein to Smear Accusers
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7 Dec 2017 05:19 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Harvey Weinstein (Image Source: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons)

It seems Harvey Weinstein has been keeping good company, or at least good company for him.

An editor for The National Enquirer and other tabloids not only allegedly worked with the producer to help smear his accusers but also engaged in his own sexual misconduct such as discussing his sex life at work and dubbing himself "Dildo."

Dylan Howard, chief content officer of American Media Inc.'s Celebrity Group has been accused in an Associated Press article that was based on interviews with former employees.

Most of the employees signed nondisclosure agreements. After it was published that Howard had worked with Weinstein to undermine his accusers, the employees came forward and spoke with the AP.

Reportedly, Howard assigned a reporter to dig up derogatory intel about an actress who accused Weinstein of raping her. He then shared that information with the producer. He has said this was all part of due diligence before working with him.

The company lawyer, Cam Stracher, said in an internal investigation into Howard's conduct in 2012 that no serious wrongdoing was revealed.

"It was determined that there was some what you would call as horsing around outside the office, going to bars and things that are not uncommon in the media business," Stracher said. "But none of it rose to the level of harassment that would require termination."

Along with discussing his sex life in the newsroom and going by the nickname "Dildo," Howard was also known to force women to watch or listen to pornographic materials.

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