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Kendall Jenner Dethrones Gisele Bundchen, Becomes Highest-Paid Model in 2017--But Not Everyone is Happy
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29 Nov 2017 04:20 PM EST

-by Chanel Adams, Staff Writer; Image: Kendall Jenner (Image Source: Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons)

Gisele Bundchen used to be the highest-paid model of all time—but that's not the case anymore.

Kendall Jenner beat out the veteran supermodel and became the highest-paid in 2017. The 22-year-old supermodel and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star claimed the top spot for 2017 with reported earnings of $22 million, according to Forbes.

The news was met with a mixed reaction on social media. Some of Kendall Jenner's fans were happy to see her in the top spot. They believe that her new title is well-deserved, even if she's still considered a reality star. Others weren't happy to see Jenner in the No. 1 spot, claiming her blatant nepotism and a lack of model talent shouldn't put her on top. Jenner was also at the center of controversy over the summer with her ad for Pepsi where she famously gave a cop a can of soda to help solve world peace.

She's still collaborated with numerous brands, including Adidas, EstéeLauder and La Perla over the past year. She stole the title from Bundchen, who's been the highest-paid model since 2002. Last year, Bundchen made $30 million. But she slid into the No. 2 spot for the year 2017, with a reported earnings of $17.5 million.

Jenner has one of the most popular accounts on Instagram, reports UrbanDaddy. She has over 84.5 million followers to which she can earn around $400,000 per sponsored post if she wanted to. Jenner's popularity on Instagram has caused critics to discredit her success in the fashion industry.

Last year, Rebecca Romijn claimed that some of the social media models like Jenner and Gigi Hadid are not “true supermodels.” It's not sure what qualifies someone as a model these days since you can find one on every form of social media. But, you can't deny Jenner has been making a lot of money thanks to her modeling career.

She used to have a contract with Victoria's Secret but not anymore. The Victoria's Secret Angels have already touched down in Shanghai this past week to walk in the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Fans have been wondering if Jenner will make an appearance in the show again this year.

She's reportedly not walking in the show due to her contract with La Perla. She signed a massive deal to become the face of the high-fashion lingerie brand. According to TMZ, Jenner signed a non-compete agreement, which would not allow her to walk in the televised fashion show. Jenner makes a “boatload of cash” and has gotten a “way better deal” with La Perla. Looks like this gig pays really well.

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you think Kendall Jenner's new title is well-deserved? Do you think she should even be considered a model even though she comes from a famous TV family? Sound off below in the comments section. 

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