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Yes, Alyssa, Me Too: Stories of a Lifetime of Sexual Harassment and Assault
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18 Oct 2017 06:38 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image Source: Public Domain

Alyssa Milano was onto something this weekend on Twitter.

After multiple women admitted to being assaulted and/or sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, she wanted to hear from other women who had been in a similar position to show how large of a problem this really is. It was a top trend on Twitter on Sunday.

She wanted people to respond a simple "Me too," and people did. Sometimes they also added their stories.

Me too. Yes, me too, in more ways than I care to describe fully. Not to protect my aggressors, but to protect other innocent people who could be hurt by learning all my stories, I'm not going to go into details, at least not all of them.

But I've been both harassed and assaulted. Like most women, it started when I was a young girl. I can remember a boy pinning me down and kissing me and the fear that went through me. It may seem innocent, little boys chasing girls, but for a young girl, it's not innocent. That was a fear I have carried with me my whole life. And it's a ... junior version of assault.

I've been assaulted by friends. I've been harassed on the job multiple times. I worked in a very male-oriented business form the age of 16 through 28. Things were said that were innocent. Things were said that were not innocent. I accepted it and only later realized it was all sexual harassment. I didn't feel I was in danger of losing my job, but those things shouldn't be said or done.

I can remember going out with the girls one night and feeling I looked really good, then being told by a guy on the dance floor that he liked the way my shorts were stuck in my ass. Was that supposed to make me feel good? Because it didn't.

And that's just one of those types of stories. Many women have many stories like that. We really aren't sitting around waiting for men to tell us what they think of our bodies/faces.

I can also remember walking down the street and hearing catcalls as a teenager. I didn't have attention from boys at school, so in a very sick way, I thought it was a good thing because I knew I was attractive to at least someone. But now as an adult, I know it didn't necessarily mean I was attractive. They would have made those catcalls to any young girl.

And that's something that girls learn with age. It doesn't mean you look good. It means the men want this power over you.

But maybe with women joining forces and admitting "Me too," maybe it will take some of that power away from them and give it back to its rightful owners, women and young girls.

And if you're one of the many who has fallen victim to sexual harassment or assault, comment below with a "Me too." We'll be more powerful in number.

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