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Piers Morgan Breaks News of Las Vegas Shooting to Mariah Carey in Interview About Her Christmas Tour
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4 Oct 2017 02:17 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Mariah Carey (Image Source: Screenshot)

Everyone agrees there is a right time and a wrong time to say things, but Piers Morgan evidently hasn't learned that.

In an early morning interview with Mariah Carey, he bombarded her with the shocking news about the Las Vegas shooting, a place where she had a residency until last July.

Being that she just recently had her residency there, there's a good chance she still has friends in the area and would worry about their safety.

Carey appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning with Morgan and Susanna Reid. The intention was to promote a Christmas tour she's doing.

Everything about her appearance said the holidays. She was lounging on her couch, with a decorated, lit-up Christmas tree behind her.

Good Morning Britain updated with news of the Las Vegas shooting. They showed videos and pictures of bloodied victims and people hiding wherever they could as well. They also showed visitors to the city holed up in their hotels with the city on lockdown.

Carey hadn't been clued in to the unfolding drama. She was just looking to talk about her Christmas tour.

Morgan then went to Carey and asked her for her reaction. Obviously caught off guard, she said, "This is horrible. I pray for the victims," and asked if the shooter had been captured.

He then showed her the city that she knows well and what was going on while they spoke. She was silent for some time, then said, "That's awful. I pray for the victims. I hope all this can stop."

"This type of thing happening anyway is a huge tragedy. I hope we have an end to this as soon as possible," the star continued.

But fans of the show did not appreciate Morgan putting Carey on the spot like that and shared their thoughts on Twitter:

"So tasteless breaking the Vegas news to Mariah Carey live on TV, shame on you."

"I feel sorry for Mariah. She should have been briefed about the shooting before the interview."

"Someone should have spoken to Mariah off air, letting her know what was going on, then postponed, instead of throwing that at her."

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