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What is Twitter Playing At?
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26 Sep 2017 06:53 AM EST

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor

It's clear that CNN and MSNBC and Fox News and every single major news outlet shares some blame for Donald Trump's election, albeit in different ways. While some outlets essentially went out of their way to spread lies about Donald Trump and the problems facing this country, other outlets helped Donald Trump out by giving him wall-to-wall coverage.

They're still doing that. Every night, in a world full of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, CNN will still usually have panels on Donald Trump's latest tweets and then turn around and wonder why people won't stop talking about him. 

But the blame should not go only to the media. The blame must also go to Twitter and to Facebook. Facebook has already admitted to allowing political ads financed by Russian government agents which favored not so much Trump but internal divisions within the United States of America. For a while, Facebook didn't even want to share this content with Congress. 

Twitter, however, inhabits its own personal circle of disdain for freedom. Twitter refuses to acknowledge its role in making Donald Trump who he is, and Twitter refuses to take down tweets that are clearly violent in nature, preferring instead to defend the existence of those tweets because of their newsworthiness. That is the moral equivalent of a murder lawyer arguing that a sensational murder should not be prosecuted against because it created news. 

It's time for Twitter to stand up for this country's democratic values and block Donald Trump. He uses his accounts to constantly threaten other nations and to chastise and divide the country which he has sworn to lead. 

Will Twitter step up? This is the tech industry's moment to show that it has the best interests of humanity in mind, as their mission statements so often proclaim. So far, the tech industry is failing miserably.

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