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Unofficial Senate Candidate Kid Rock's Comments Have Him Making Nice on Facebook
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13 Sep 2017 01:25 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Kid Rock (Image Source: Public Domain)

Either Kid Rock is way off course with his speeches and social media posts, and it's hurting his chances at becoming a senator, or Donald Trump's campaign created an all new type of candidate who finds success by alienating and knocking down others.

Let's be clear that there's been no official word from the rocker that he's running for the Senate in Michigan, but he's being supported by the GOP as a candidate, and he's also been selling merchandise supporting a Senate run.

The National Action Network's chapter in Detroit is protesting his upcoming concerts due to his use of the Confederate flag at his shows and being critical of Colin Kaepernick.

Kid Rock responded in a Facebook message telling his followers not to pay any mind to the "garbage the extreme left is trying to create." He believes they're "trying to use the old Confederate flag BS, etc., to stir the pot" because he is "thinking of running for office."

He reminds everyone he's a Detroit homeowner and taxpayer and refers to himself as the "KING OF DETROIT LOVE." He believes the haters are jealous of him and is upset the charities he has supported haven't said anything about the "unfounded attacks" on him.

He asks if Al Sharpton has paid his back taxes yet, then attaches many "P.S." to his post with additional thoughts, such as calling Sam Riddle a "piece of sh-- criminal," noting that Russell Wilson and Tom Brady would have no problem finding a job if they took a knee during the national anthem, and discussing what he has to be thankful for.

Then, Kid Rock oddly ends his post with, "P.P.P.P.P.S. I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!"

This all appears to have been an effort to distance himself from a tweet that was posted on his campaign Twitter account, "Senator Kid Rock." It was a retweet of an article about Al Sharpton's daughter getting arrested after hitting a cab driver in Manhattan and stealing his keys.

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