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Hillary Clinton Will Make First Late-Night Appearance Since Election with Stephen Colbert
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10 Sep 2017 03:20 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Hillary Clinton with Stephen Colbert (Image Source: Screenshot)

It's obviously for good reason that we haven't heard much from Hillary Clinton. She faced a very stunning loss in the election last November.

However, she's booked her first late-night appearance since her defeat. She'll appear on the Late Show on September 19.

Of course, it's not just because she's finally ready to discuss the election or her opponent, Donald Trump. She has a new memoir coming out, What Happened.

This new book will most certainly discuss the election and how she has figured out, to the best of her knowledge, how she lost. She will also discuss her marriage to former President Bill Clinton and why she decided to stay with him throughout the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Choosing to appear on CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was no accident. And while it may seem as if she chose this show because of his frequent slamming of the current President, it's much simpler than that: her book is being published by a division of the network.

And certainly, there is increasingly more and more to discuss other than Clinton's actual failed campaign. There's also the job Trump has been doing, the Russian election scandal that continues to pick up steam, and Donald Trump Jr. arranging a meeting with Russia to discuss getting dirt on the former Secretary of State to give his father the edge in the election.

She last appeared on the Late Show in 2016 before the New York primary, but it wasn't an interview, just a taped comedic bit. Her first time with Colbert was in October 2015.

You can bet the President is warming up his tweeting thumbs as we speak.

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