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Sinead O'Connor's Latest Move: Tearing into Her Manager and Claiming Domestic Abuse
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13 Aug 2017 01:16 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Sinead O'Connor (Image Source: Leah Pritchard via Wikimedia Commons)

Perhaps next to the word "unstable" in the dictionary it has a picture of Sinead O'Connor. There is just no other word to describe her.

After threatening suicide last week, now she's being critical of her manager and claiming domestic abuse.

O'Connor has threatened suicide — publicly — multiple times in the past few years, with one of the times threatening to jump off a bridge. She's complained that her children don't care about her, she's turned up in Chicago, gone missing in Chicago while riding a bicycle, and has accused Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall of being Prince's drug dealers.

Last week, she turned up in a New Jersey motel threatening suicide again and claiming to have mental illness. I don't think anyone would argue with that last claim. Shortly after that, a message appeared on her Facebook from someone saying they weren't O'Connor but promising she was okay.

She next posted on August 10 and addressed the "Good people of Facebook." She thanked them for their love and said she was in a "wonderful, loving hospital," which was certainly good news to many, and also said she passed a "bastard kidney stone."

O'Connor noted she was "back on depression meds and also meds for PTSD," and then it was back to thanking people such as her "loving followers who have saved my life and lifted my spirits so much in the last two years. Lets fight all this stigma and abandonment together. I love you."

She also gave thanks to "Dr. Phil who has [offered] to fly from Texas to help me. I am blown away." It's not known at this time if she means Dr. Phil McGraw or another Dr. Phil.

She then explained "they" would be sending her to live in a community specifically for domestic abuse survivors. "The fact is I am a victim of domestic abuse, and I was too ashamed to admit it."

Additionally, she announced she had fired her "criminal, fraudster manager, Bruce Garfield." She added that she'd hired a new female manager as well as "a criminal lawyer who will be pressing full charges and sending him to jail on behalf of all dead and defrauded musicians [whose] managers had no sense of duty or care."

She came back to Facebook, further calling out Garfield. "BRUCE," she wrote, "What sick part of your head failed to hear that you are being prosecuted and sent to jail by me, for forgery and for facilitating my suicide four times as well as failing to act to save my life?"


O'Connor also charged that Garfield had been forging her signature and didn't alert her family when she was threatening suicide. She wants the management company to refund her as well after charging her to investigate him.

Billboard asked Garfield for a comment, and he replied by email, "I am no longer managing Sinead. I think her Facebook post speaks for itself." He went on to say that her statement that she had fired him was "objectionable."

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