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Do Not Call Them 'White Nationalists' - They Are Nazis
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13 Aug 2017 12:59 PM EST

-by Drew Kolar, Editor; Image: Mugshot of James Alex Fields, a white supremacist and terrorist who rammed his car into a group of counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va. (Image Source: Charlottesville Police / Public Domain)

Despite the media referring to the group that rallied together in Charlottesville, Va., on Friday night and Saturday morning as "white nationalists," make no mistake—we are looking at modern-day Nazis.

It is important these days to not sugarcoat the truth. Referring to these man-children as "white nationalists" is much too soft a term for the garbage humans that they are. As for James Alex Fields, the 20-year-old white supremacist whose cowardly attack on counter-protesters left 32-year-old paralegal Heather Heyer dead? Fields is a terrorist.

Those words are strong, perhaps, and rightfully so—we must refer to these people as exactly what they are. Just because someone is white doesn't make ramming their car into a crowd on purpose simply a violent attack—it is a terrorist attack, 100 percent. If he had brown skin, the right (who are surprisingly silent lately) would jump on him as a terrorist immediately. Why not now? Sure, he is charged with murder, but his reputation should go down as much more than simply a crazy white person.

While I cannot speak for everyone at AllMediaNY on what they prefer to call these people, I can say with certainty that we condemn their hateful views and rhetoric.

But I will personally take it one step further and say to any and all Nazis—because that is what you are, plain and simple, whether you identify as "alt-right," "white nationalist," "white supremacist," or are a member of the KKK—that you are the lowest form of humanity and do not deserve a voice. You are pure evil and pure hatred. And you will not win. As Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says, " Shame on you. You pretend that you're patriots, but you are anything but a patriot."

Furthermore, if you stand with any of these people even slightly or remain silent due to some sort of party loyalty, you are also part of the problem. If you still support Donald Trump after he inspired these people to be so openly hateful, you are part of the problem.

This is not a time for hatred—we are moving rapidly backward, just as many of us feared if Trump became president, and we need to end it right now. We need to progress. And we cannot let these horrible people have a voice. It is time, now more than ever, to let the voices of progress and of equality to echo across this nation and drown out their ridiculous bigotry and hatred. Their message is not welcome here.

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