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Usher Named in Herpes Lawsuit by Three Former Sexual Partners
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8 Aug 2017 06:21 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Usher Raymond IV (Image Source: Screenshot)

The claim that Usher has possibly passed on herpes to unsuspecting partners is picking up steam. Three of his former partners are suing him for sexual battery, among other claims.

Originally, Usher (whose real name is Usher Raymond IV) was sued by a woman who is a celebrity stylist in 2012. She accused him of "consciously and purposefully" not informing her he had herpes and continuing to enter into unprotected sex with her.

Usher denied having the STD, but court documents have stated he contracted it sometime between 2009 and 2010, around the time he was divorcing Tameka Foster. The same documents also state he had a "greenish discharge' from his penis. He settled the lawsuit for $1.1 million.

Now, an additional lawsuit was filed on Monday with three plaintiffs: Quantasia Sharpton, an anonymous Jane Doe, and an anonymous John Doe. The suit claims sexual battery, fraud, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. They are requesting punitive damages.

Sharpton and attorney Lisa Bloom held a press conference on Monday and explained that she was with Usher "a few years ago" and happened to be celebrating her 19th birthday. She has not tested positive for herpes, but at least one of the other plaintiffs reportedly does have the STD.

"There has long been a legal presumption that a party who refused to deny an accusation that a reasonable person would deny if untrue, adopts the accusation as his admission," states the new lawsuit. "Raymond has adopted the numerous accusations that he has tested positive for the Herpes virus. Raymond's failure to rebut the numerous reports that he has Herpes has reasonably induced the Plaintiffs to believe that Raymond has the virus and that he exposed them to it."

Additionally, along with noting the singer hasn't contacted the plaintiffs and left no way to contact him, meaning they are unable to verify if he has the virus, the lawsuit points to California Health and Safety Code Section 120290 which says it's a crime for any person with a contagious, infectious or communicable disease to expose himself to another person.

With a note that they would not have had unprotected sex acts with Usher and that it was his duty to inform them, the suit states, "Raymond acted with malice, fraud, oppression in intentionally and purposefully concealing his Herpes diagnosis from Plaintiffs in a deliberate effort to have sexual relations with Plaintiffs."

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