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'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Gossip: Kyle Richards Bullied by Cast Mates?
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22 May 2013 01:17 PM EST

-by Trista McKenzie, Contributing Writer; Image: Kyle Richards (Image Source: Bravo)

As we all know by now, the Real Housewives franchise is full of drama—but while most of the women seem to be able to dish out the drama, most of them can’t quite take it.

This time around, Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards seems to be the latest cast member to fall on the receiving end of some bullying—pushing her consider leaving the Bravo reality show.

According to a source close to the reality star, costars Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Foster are to blame for Richards’ stress.

“[Richards] is just at a loss for words as to why she is being picked on by Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda. Kyle feels that she is being targeted in the same way that Adrienne Maloof was last season. Kyle was blindsided by the girls attacking her marriage over allegations that [husband] Mauricio [Umansky] was cheating on her,” the source told Radar Online. “She was particularly hurt by Lisa’s actions because they once used to be such close friends. They no longer are, and Kyle had wanted to work on that friendship, and try to mend it…now, that seems impossible. Kyle just can’t understand why the girls can’t come together and support each other.”

Umansky has denied womanizing allegations in the past, but Lisa and Brandi decided “to confront Kyle about it on camera,” a source previously told the gossip website. “They absolutely blindsided her, and were relentless.”

“Brandi maintained she had solid information to prove that Mauricio has been cheating on Kyle. Kyle became extremely upset, and refused to listen to the girls. She felt especially betrayed by Lisa because they had once been so close,” the source explained.

Lucky for Kyle Richards, sister and fellow reality star Kim Richards “has absolutely stood up for her sister, big time. Kim got into a heated altercation with Brandi and Lisa telling them to butt out of Kyle’s marriage. Even though Kim and Kyle have had their issues over the years, they always stand up for each other publicly. That family bond can never be broken,” the source added.

While she is contractually required to finish out filming for season four, the source explains that “this will most likely be her last one. She doesn’t want her family to come under attack for no reason because of the show.”

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