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We Must Separate Entertainment and Politics Now That Anthony Scaramucci is Part of Trump's White House
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30 Jul 2017 11:53 PM EST

-by Drew Kolar, Editor; Image: Anthony Scaramucci (Image Source: Jdarsie11 via Wikimedia Commons)

One of our writers was mentioning lately how politics and celebrity gossip have intertwined—and while that has been fairly obvious in recent times with the Trump administration, it seems that the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci has solidified this fact.

Already, "The Mooch" is causing a stir in the media—and you can bet it's no accident.

Perhaps my friends and I have been watching too many fictional political dramas, but doesn't it seem that the administration keeps pulling ridiculous moves as a distraction from their horrific agenda? Moreover, doesn't it seem like every single one of them is a caricature or a cartoon character? The ridiculousness of so many of Donald Trump's lackeys has come to a head, and Scaramucci is the poster child.

Scaramucci is already the center of attention, drawing us away from Trump's attacks on the LGBT community and his continued war on healthcare, going off on a tirade about his coworkers to a journalist and pretending like he did it mistakenly—but was it really an accident? With Trump's background in entertainment and the Mooch's "colorful" language, there should be no doubt that this is all planned.

Scaramucci is yet another distraction from what Trump (or whoever is controlling him at this point) is attempting to achieve. Moreover, he is yet another big personality added into the mix to make the entire White House look like a circus. Trump's White House has become more of a spectacle than an actual administration—yet they also will have a major impact on our lives. We need to look beyond the showmanship and toward the actual policies that they are attempting to enact. We need to ignore the circus, regardless of how entertaining it may be.

While I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories, it has become clear, since Scaramucci's addition to Trump's team, that the current U.S. president is thinking more like a reality television producer and less like an actual leader. He is casting characters. It is alarming how accurate Saturday Night Live and The President Show are in their interpretations of the Trump administration are—while satire is generally a lighthearted way to poke fun at real life, art is now imitating life to a frightening degree. But still, we overlook the reality and laugh at the joke.

Stepping away from my usual stance of protecting the LGBT community, I am now calling out to all U.S. citizens to open their eyes and realize that our current head of state, while a great television character, is simply not cut out to run a nation. We are an entertainment-based culture, but it has gone too far. We need to unglue our eyes from our screens and begin to think about what is happening in our country. For the sake of our families, friends, lovers, children... for the sake of all of us, it is time to look past the entertainment value of our current political atmosphere, no matter how much they want us to invest our time in the gossip encompassing Capitol Hill. It is time to get serious.

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