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Caitlyn Jenner Goes After Trump Over Transgender Military Ban
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26 Jul 2017 03:26 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Caitlyn Jenner (Image Source: Screenshot)

This may have some of Caitlyn Jenner's friends telling her, "I told you so."

They tried to get her to see that the Republicans weren't favorable towards transgender issues. She thought differently, voted for him, and now Donald Trump has announced a transgender military ban.

After the former Olympian very publicly transitioned to female, she found herself unwittingly as the new spokesperson for transgender issues.

During her reality show that covered her new life, she argued with her transgender friends concerning politics. She thought the Republicans were better with women's issues.

Earlier this year the new administration took away transgender students' rights to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with, leading to Jenner addressing the President in a video, stating, "From one Republican to another, this is a disaster."

She admitted to Diane Sawyer in an interview that she voted for Trump in the election, then noted, "And the deal-breaker is you mess with my community, you do the wrong thing with our community, you don't give us equality and a fair shot, I'm coming after you."

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that the U.S. government "will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military," citing they couldn't be "burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail."

This resulted in several others calling Jenner out on Twitter for her stance on Republicans and transgender issues:

"@Caitlyn_Jenner wake up sweetheart give Your wonderful president a call & discuss #noTransgender in military congrats on a great choice!" – Sandra Bernhard

"@Caitlyn_Jenner, I'm never going to forget this ... NEVER #TraitorToTheCause" – Charles M. Blow, citing an interview where Jenner had said, Trump "seems very much behind the LGBT community."

"@Caitlyn_Jenner how much more oppression do you need to see? @POTUS is an enemy of equality for #transgender people and other #LGBT people." – Anne Frank Center

"@Caitlyn_Jenner You still good with Trump?" – Andy Lassner

"@Caitlyn_Jenner, what say you now?" – Deray McKesson

"To all the LGBT Americans (including Caitlyn Jenner) who supported Trump and believed him, what were you thinking?" – Keith Boykin

This led to Jenner finally reacting to this news.

She tweeted, "There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us. What happened to your promise to fight for them?"

She linked Trump's tweet from June 14, 2016, where he wrote, "Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs."

Jenner's butt is on the line on this one. She believed Trump's hyperbole, and now her community is being trashed by him.

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