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Fan Gives Early Review Of Spider-Man: Homecoming
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19 Jun 2017 05:25 AM EST

The only thing standing between moviegoers and Spider-Man: Homecoming is a matter of weeks. The hero’s first MCU standalone is slated to hit theaters towards the start of July, but Marvel Studios is still keeping press reviews at bay.Screenings for Spider-Man: Homecoming will begin soon enough for critics, but early sneak-peeks have been given to some lucky fans down in California. Now, one of those test viewers is speaking out about their Spider-Man experience, and it will have Marvel fans feeling a certain kind of way.Over on Twitter, a writer by the name Daniel R took his followers on a journey as he prepared for his early Spider-Man: Homecoming screening. After buying plenty of concessions, the Twitter user got to test out the upcoming MCU flick, and Daniel promises it is the Spider-Man film fans have been waiting for.You can read up on @DanielRPK and his Spider-Man: Homecoming reaction below:
You know, ‘Homecoming’ really was the perfect title for this film. But you what title *I* would give it? The AMAZING Spider-Man! Finally, the perfect Spider-Man film I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Best Spider-Man since Spider-Man 2. This movie is so much fun. Great cast. Great action. Villain was… meh. But other than that, great.”For fans of Spider-Man, the fan’s reaction comes as a major relief. Sony Pictures has produced two prior Spider-Man film franchises, but neither could give the studio any long-lasting superhero credit. The company then partnered with Marvel Studios to jumpstart Spider-Man for a third time, leaving Tom Holland to debut his take on the hero in Captain America: Civil War. The vigilante’s appearance in the MCU has been universally praised, but some worried the hero would struggle to fit into the pre-existing MCU in a standalone. But, if @DanielRPK, fans really don’t need to harbor such fears.

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