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Miley Cyrus Says She Has Regrets about 'Wrecking Ball' Video
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18 May 2017 03:55 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Miley Cyrus (Image Source: Screenshot)

Miley Cyrus is continuing her transformation.

After announcing recently that she is sober and no longer smoking weed, she's now announcing that she regrets filming her "Wrecking Ball" video.

This is actually her second transformation. It's easy to see why she was so eager to lose her first persona. She'd starred on Hannah Montana at the age of 13, and at the age of 18 started pulling away from that clean-cut image, being seen smoking Salvia and releasing music that was removed from Hannah Montana.

After pulling away from that prior image, she went all out when she performed with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards, a night many around the country learned what twerking was. To go along with her sexier image, she released the "Wrecking Ball" video which showed her swinging nearly naked on the wrecking ball.

Cyrus ended her engagement with Liam Hemsworth and was seen with assorted men and women and continued to exhibit more wild behavior, becoming well known for her weed habit.

But last year she and Hemsworth reunited, and now things have changed for her. The 24-year-old announced recently she's no longer smoking weed and that it's making her see things a lot differently.

With the release of her new single this week, "Malibu," Cyrus is now looking back on her career and having regrets, most notably with "Wrecking Ball."

That video became something she is easily identified with, but she isn't so eager for that association anymore.

"It's kinda crazy that I'll always be known for licking a sledgehammer," she said on the Cooper Lawrence morning show.

And in a radio show this week she continued speaking out against the song.

"'Wrecking Ball' – I'll do it, but I don't love it," revealed Cyrus. "It's when you're so stoked about something, and then you have to sing a song that bums you out. And I'll never live down when I licked a sledgehammer."

"Malibu" is out now, and the accompanying album, her sixth as Miley Cyrus and not Hannah Montana, will be out later his year, with no confirmed date.

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