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Stephen Colbert Tops Jimmy Fallon in Late Night with Donald Trump Jokes
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18 May 2017 03:31 PM EST

-by Chanel Adams, Staff Writer; Image: Stephen Colbert (Image Source: Montclair Film Festival via Wikimedia Commons)

Sorry, Jimmy Fallon, but it seems Stephen Colbert is the new king of late night now.

Fallon was the latest king of late night, but that all came crashing down when he invited Donald Trump to his show and even playfully ruffled his hair.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had its 15th consecutive ratings win over its NBC rival The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, reports the New York Post. The average viewership during Colbert's broadcast was 3.07 million compared to 2.68 million for Fallon. Colbert has been giving CBS a big boost in late night ratings. It's the longest winning streak that CBS has ever had in seven years.

However, Fallon still won over the core demographic of viewers ages 18 to 49 that's valued by advertisers. He has a 27 percent edge over Colbert in that demographic, according to Nielsen data. This news comes after Fallon spoke out about inviting Trump onto his show back in September. He was criticized for trying to make the then Republican candidate appear likeable amid his controversies and policies.

Fallon concluded the interview by playfully running his hands through Trump's signature red hair. Fallon realizes now that the Trump interview was a setback in his career. He also thinks of it as a mistake, and has taken in some of the anger that was directed towards him by critics and other sources.

"They have a right to be mad," Fallon said in his interview with The New York Times. "If I let anyone down, it hurt my feelings that they didn't like it. I got it."

The recent events caused Fallon to go on a journey of personal discovery. He also considered making changes at The Tonight Show. The program is still supported by advertisers, but it's clear he doesn't want to lose them over that one interview with Trump. The late-night world is more anti-Trump that any sector of television. But Fallon claims he was only having fun and he wasn't trying to "humanize" Trump.

"I didn't do it to humanize him," he added. "I almost did it to minimize him. I didn't think that would be a compliment."

Now it's Colbert who's surpassing Fallon in nightly ratings. Fallon told The New York Times that he doesn't pay attention ratings. He still feels that he's still winning over his fans, and that he's still got his job for now.

"We're winning in something," he added. "People in the height requirement between 5-7 and 5-11, we're No. 1, from 11:50 to 11:55. I'll never, ever care. I'll know when someone fires me."

In recent weeks, Colbert has been making headlines for cracking a lewd joke about Trump and Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin. Since Trump has taken office, Colbert's ratings have gone through the roof. He even thanked the president for giving him ratings. Colbert is having a lot of fun mocking the president and will continue to do so at his expense.

It's also unfortunate that he will have to spend more time breaking down the hourly updates of the ongoing Trump scandal. He continued to mock trump on Wednesday, May 17, at Carnegie Hall, where thousands of ad buyers came to check out CBS' fall schedule, reports USA Today.

"It's a great year for the Late Show," Colbert said, "and I could not have done it without a visionary leader, and a legend of television who made the Late Show what it is. Thank you, Donald Trump."

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, made a political plea with sharing his emotional story of his newborn son's heart surgery. With Kimmel and Colbert making news, this all proves that Fallon is no longer the late-night head honcho that he used to be.

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