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Caitlyn Jenner Talks about Disappointment of Donald Trump on Tucker Carlson's Revamped Show
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25 Apr 2017 03:16 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Tucker Carlson with Caitlyn Jenner (Image Source: Fox News Screenshot)

Surely trying to get a stellar debut for his new time slot at Fox News Channel, Tucker Carlson booked known Republican Caitlyn Jenner.

Despite them both having a conservative mindset, the two sparred during the show over transgender rights with Jenner also admitting to being disappointed with Donald Trump's administration.

Certainly, Fox needed a slam dunk debut for Carlson. With the news that they and Bill O'Reilly had settled at least five sexual harassment lawsuits regarding O'Reilly, advertisers left his show in droves. The conservative news network had no choice but to dump him, but now they need to secure that time slot again to get the advertisers back, so they inserted Carlson.

In his debut in O'Reilly's old time slot, his guest was Caitlyn Jenner. The appearance had friction written all over it with Jenner being a very prominent transgender woman and Carlson known to not be supportive at all to trans issues after Jillian Weiss appeared on his program in February.

He suggested to Jenner that maybe one of the "braver" things she did was vote for Trump while living in Malibu, and that gave the former Olympian the door to talk about the President which led to her also discussing the importance of LGBT issues.

"I never actually came out and outwardly supported Trump. The media did that for me. I am on the Republican Conservative side. And he wound up being my candidate, and certainly I was going to vote for him," she explained.

"He looked like he would be pretty good on all LGBT issues which is important because my loyalties do not lie with Donald Trump. My loyalties do not lie with the Republican Party. My loyalties and what I'm fighting for is my community, the LGBT community, and particularly the trans issues that are out there because there are many of them," Jenner continued, noting that Trump has disappointed her in his first 100 days.

Carlson asked why Jenner didn't vote for Hillary Clinton since she was big on LGBT issues, and the reality TV star replied, "Because I'm not a one-issue voter. I believe in limited government. I believe in our Constitution. I believe I would rather convince the Republican party to do a better job when it comes to all LGBT issues than try to convince the Democrats to lower taxes and lower regulations and let our country thrive financially and economically."

After discussing nine trans women being murdered this year and the suicide rate being nine times higher than the general public, she explained, "I sometimes get very disappointed with Trump, especially when he went up against Title IX, and they repealed Obama's equality on Title IX."

"And Jeff Sessions has been very kind of anti-LGBT," she continued. "I know on March 10 there was a letter sent to him to try to prosecute the murderers of these trans women as hate crimes which has been done in the past, but he never even responded to the letter which is extremely disappointing to me."

Carlson questioned why it wasn't enough just to prosecute the crime as a murder, and Jenner went on to explain there are other issues as well with the administration in regards to LGBT rights.

She mentioned Sen. Mark Green being up for Secretary of the Army, noting he had made some of the most anti-LGBT statements ever: "Calling me a trans person as a disease. I hate to tell Mark Green I don't have a disease."

She added that he mentioned "'fighting the bathroom issues as the Bible tells me I have to go after evil,' and I'm not an evil person."

In a discussion over whether gender identity is biologically determined Jenner brought up Carlson's conversation with Weiss and how he had inserted a scenario of a man faking being transgender just to get federal funding.

"That does not happen in the trans community," she scorned. "It's not something that's just a whim."

Realizing he wasn't going to win that argument, Carlson then brought up a transgender woman who had won a weightlifting title and noted she had an obvious physical advantage, but Jenner, a former Olympian, one-upped him noting that the Olympic committee has done studies to find out what a trans person can do to compete, and "if the Olympic committee says it's fair, I'm okay."

Jenner completed the interview by explaining her fight as well as bringing in a mention of her new book.

"We need to bring this subject forward. Why? Because of the youth. And that's what I talk about in my book a lot. I'm fine. Everything in my life is good. I've been very lucky. But what I'm fighting for is the next generation coming up so that they can have it easier for them. That's where the fight is," she concluded.

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