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Tig Notaro Speaks Up about Similarities between 'SNL' Skit and Her Short Film
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14 Apr 2017 01:57 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Saturday Night Live's "Birthday Clown" (Image Source: NBC / SNL Screenshot)

Tig Notaro has something to say to Louis C.K. and Saturday Night Live.

In this week's episode, the Louie star appeared in a sketch that very closely resembled Notaro's short film Clown Service, and she is not happy about it.

"It has been impossible for me to ignore the cacophony of voices reaching out personally and publicly about the potential plagiarizing of my film Clown Service (a film that I screened at Largo in Los Angeles for over a year and it premiered at Vulture's Comedy Festival in NYC as well as numerous film festivals around the country and I am currently screening on my national tour). While I don't know how all this actually happened, I did find it extremely disappointing," Notaro said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Here is what I can tell you," she continued. "First off, I have recently learned that a writer/director who was fully aware of Clown Service when I was making it, actually worked on Louis C.K.'s clown sketch that is in question."

Notaro wrote, directed and stars in her film, which was released in 2015. On Saturday, the NBC show aired a clip entitled "Birthday Clown" that raised eyebrows for so closely resembling Notaro's work. Notaro noted in her statement that she and C.K. have not had contact in over a year, though they have collaborated in the past.

But it wasn't all controversy and stolen material on Saturday, as Alec Baldwin made an appearance not only as Donald Trump, but also the actor gave us an impression of Bill O'Reilly as well.

Baldwin did the cold open as he often does when he visits the program, appearing as the President addressing a group of supporters. He talked about his week, meeting with leaders from other countries, having Neil Gorsuch confirmed, and that no one was talking about Russian finally. He chalked that up to being because of his air strike on Syria, saying, "What a difference just 59 Tomahawk missiles can make."

He took questions from the audience, and each audience member was a supporter but now confused as Trump wasn't fulfilling his promises to them and was actually making their situations worse, such as a man who lost his job in the coal mines and another who worried about losing his health care.

But they all pledged to continue to support the President anyway, leading him to say, "That's why I came here. You people stand behind me no matter what. It's like you found a finger in your chili, but you still eat the chili because you told everyone how much you love chili."

Everyone assumed that was the last we'd see of Baldwin for the night but were shocked when he was back in the show later on portraying Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor. He slipped a few times and did his Trump pout, but for the most part pulled off the Fox News host as well as he portrays Trump.

The O'Reilly character promised to address the scandal, leading people to believe he would discuss the multiple sexual harassment lawsuits that he and Fox had settled, but instead he wanted to talk about the allegations of abuse of power against the Obama administration.

He tried to talk to a female reporter but found out she no longer worked at Fox, leading to him asking if she got the check. He thanked his advertisers that stuck with him including a product called Dog Cocaine.

The O'Reilly character then did an interview with Donald Trump, who was of course played by Baldwin as well in a split-screen. Trump pledged to continue to stand by him and said, "I actually see a lot of myself in you, Bill."

Baldwin's Fox News host ended the skit promoting his book "Old School," saying, "It's about having great morals and values. And it couldn't have come at a better time."

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