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Melissa George Admits She Was Beaten by Her Ex and Father of Her Kids
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17 Mar 2017 03:57 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Melissa George (Image Source: Nick Step via Wikimedia Commons) 

Melissa George is admitting to the horrors she faced in her own home.

Before splitting up with French entrepreneur Jean David Blanc, he was beating her.

The naturalized American citizen married Chilean furniture designer and director Claudio Dabed in 2000. They announced they were divorcing in 2011. She then dated Russell Simmons for a time, and then started dating Blanc, the founder of AlloCiné. They have two sons together, Raphaël and Solal.

She's now breaking her silence about her life and separation from Blanc in an interview with Australia's Channel Seven's Sunday Night. She describes a particular incident between the two of them last September in Paris that turned violent, although he has denied this in court.

"I've been hit, I've been in a fight," she stated. "I've got my babies."

The beating was so severe, she had to regain her strength after.

"I couldn't walk, couldn't turn my neck," George admits.

And since the incident, the media has been running tabloid stories about what supposedly happened, including alleged kidnapping charges when she tried to take her sons and leave.

"The lies, people being bribed," she explains.

These lies are why she is now speaking out six months after the violent episode.

"I have no other choice," she said, acknowledging that she's taking a risk, but feeling it's her only option.

After the alleged abuse last September, she was taken to the hospital with bruises and swelling on her face. She claimed at the time that her partner had beaten her. A month later they turned up in court and Blanc denied the allegations against him.

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